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Mercury is dangerous in dental fillings, its dangerous taking it out of them, and its dangerous long after the fillings are removed.  "Do you know why?"  
Mercury is Dangerous in dental fillings in the mouth.
Mercury is Dangerous when removing the fillings.
Mercury is Dangerous in the body, long after mercury fillings have been removed.


Mercury is unnatural in an elemental state.  In the ground, it is naturally bound to sulfur.  When a thermometer is broken in a school, the entire school will be closed, because the mercury will go through the air, and even through walls to bind with sulfur.  

Do you know what has a lot of sulfur?

Living beings have lots of sulfur.  Sulfur is required for many of our essential processes; it is the 8th most common element in the human body.  To bind with the sulfur in your body, mercury will come in through the skin, through the lungs, ears, and eyes.

There are 2 kinds of mercury poisoning.  There is Chronic Mercury Poisoning, and there is Acute Mercury Poisoning. 

Chronic mercury poisoning is when mercury has accumulated in the cells of the body. 
It can be in fatty tissues, the nervous system, the skin and other connective tissues locations like the joints, synovial fluid, the spine, brain, or feet..  A chronic mercury poisoned person will often make statements like these:  "I don't feel so good today.  I'm achy.  My arthritis is acting up.  My psoriasis is bad.  I'm having a colitis attack.  I have nerve pain, or multiple sclerosis.  My brain fog is terrible; I can't remember people's names."   

Mercury in the blood stream is ACUTE MERCURY POISONING.  This is a 911 situation.  You never want to move yourself from a chronic state of mercury poisoning, with a high body burden of mercury, to an acute state of mercury poisoning.  Mercury in the blood stream can quickly give a person a heart attack or aneurysm; it can happen within minutes of a large dose of mercury entering the blood stream.  

The broken thermometer is an example of an acute case of mercury poisoning, where a big dose of mercury hits the blood stream all at once.  This can come from an external source, like the Thermometer, or it can come from an internal source, like a storage site where the body has been storing the poison.

Chronic mercury poisoning is mercury in the cells, joints, organs, or skin.
Acute mercury poisoning is mercury in the blood stream.

It took us a lifetime to get chronically mercury poisoned.  How long did you have your mercury fillings?  They leaked for X number of years, spreading mercury throughout your body.  The worst thing to do would be to cause a big/fast redistribution of mercury, creating an acute case of mercury poisoning, by moving the mercury into your blood stream.

My definition of mercury redistribution is moving mercury into the blood stream.

My definition of acute mercury poisoning is mercury in the blood stream. 

In acute mercury poisoning, there are different levels of severity.  We will have a reaction when we move into a state of acute mercury poisoning.  The key is limiting the amount of mercury being redistributed.

We can easily move from a chronic state of mercury poisoning, to an acute state of mercury poisoning.  Start killing candida, WHAM!  The mercury comes out and we are in crisis mode. Go on some Weird diet, and the fat cells start releasing mercury, Crisis mode.  Begin a Weight Loss program, out comes the mercury, POW!  Take too much sulfur too fast, Mercury 911.  Get a deep tissue massage, literally pushing the mercury out of storage sites, into the blood stream and so it goes…

Metal dental fillings leak mercury all the time.  They leak when you are sleeping.  They leak when you are at work.  They leak when you are eating or drinking a hot cup of coffee.  When we remove the fillings from our mouths, we lose that constant source of mercury.  Over time, after the poisoning source is gone, and this can be months or years, the cells in our body will indiscriminately start releasing their retained mercury, and this is extremely dangerous because...

We can move from a state of chronic mercury poisoning to an acute state of mercury poisoning within hours.

I never recommend a person address the mercury in their teeth, if they are not going to be disciplined about lowering their body burden of mercury, in a safe, controlled fashion, over an extended period of time.

Mercury is an extremely dangerous neurotoxin.  To see mercury in action. watch this video as mercury denudes a motor neuron in vitro.

“Mercury poisoning is a type of metal poisoning due to mercury exposure.  Symptoms depend upon the type, dose, method, and duration of exposure.  They may include muscle weakness, poor coordination, numbness in the hands and feet, skin rashes, anxiety, memory problems, trouble speaking, trouble hearing, or trouble seeing.  High level exposure to methylmercury is known as Minamata disease.  Methylmercury exposure in children may result in acrodynia (pink's disease) in which the skin becomes pink and peels.”

Understand the basics of The Wilking Protocol.

Flushing with Epsom salts helps lower the body burden of mercury.

Get mercury and other toxic metals out of your blood stream fast.  Any time mercury is redistributed, its extremely important that there is a high level of vitamin C in the blood stream to Corral The Mercury.

Acute mercury poisoning is extremely dangerous.

Mercury dental filling removal is extremely dangerous.  All metal dental fillings have mercury in them.  If you decide to remove your fillings, have it done by a dentist that understands the dangers of mercury, and will work to protect you and their staff.  The IAOMT is a great association of mercury aware dentists.

If you choose to use a dentist that is not an IAOMT member, be sure their protocol for removing fillings looks something like this.

This is a general overview on how mercury can loop around in your body.

Stop losing weight.  Your body made those fat cells to protect you from mercury redistribution.

If you are killing bacteria, fungus, or pathogens; stop it.  They are suspending mercury, and when you kill them, you may have a mercury redistribution problem.
First address the body burden of mercury, then the body naturally kills them.

If you dig into your fascia, organs, or other places where mercury may be stored, you may release too much mercury too fast.  Too much too fast is dangerous.

If you are taking a drug to ameliorate your symptoms, you may be riding the fence.

If you are trying to move mercury out of your body through chelation, make sure you understand how that works, and that being on a low sulfur, low thiol diet, with low sulfur supplementation can be disastrous to your well-being.  Move too much mercury too fast and your going to be in trouble.

If you are taking essentials, and your body finally uses them productively, you could have a problem where the essentials kick into gear, and you move toxins too quickly.

Want an aggressive case of cancer?  Redistribute mercury without giving it an exit door.

Make sure that your intestines and liver have low levels of mercury, so that when the mercury does redistribute, your liver is open for business, and that excess mercury doesn’t get sent to your kidneys, or some other problematic place.

Any time mercury is redistributed, its extremely important that there is a high level of vitamin C in the blood stream to Corral The Mercury.

I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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