July 2019 Newsletter

Vanessa shares her salve with Jean at the West Windsor Ice Cream Social. Jean took home a Simple Salve. Be like Jean.

Vanessa shares her salve with Jean at the West Windsor Ice Cream Social. Jean took home a Simple Salve. Be like Jean.

Naturules Pop Quiz
The winner of July's contest is Bethany Ricks!
She correctly answered the question, “Why do humans bounce?”

Disulfide bonds are the reason we are able to bounce, have good joints, bouncy hair, and vibrant beautiful skin. Sulfur is the 8th most common element in the human body.

Bethany reviewed the salve and said, “5 stars! It's so much easier to use with the beeswax in it, great ingenuity there! I absolutely love the simple salve. I use it literally all day. I've used it on insect bites, burns, diaper rash, cuts, eczema, squeaky doors, in my hair (it's the best hair wax I've ever used) I swallow just a bit before bed most nights...not a day has gone by that I haven't used it, and loved it!”

To win a FREE Simple Salve, read on for this month’s contest!

Even More Reviews of the Naturules Simple Salve:
“I had immediate relief from the pain in my feet. They are no longer hurting me.” Sara

“I've been sharing with a friend, who during her pregnancy has developed an eczema skin rash. She has found relief with the Simple Salve.”
Alice from Baltimore

(Alice is getting ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and bets the Salve will work really well in the heat & and dry altitude.)

Recent Events
We love doing them because of the interaction with people, and the immediate results they often feels when being ‘Salved.’

For the weekend of July 15, Albert and Vanessa salved up dozens of people at Kurtstock, an annual semi-private party of about 200 reveler’s held in Woodstock NY.

This past weekend we were thrilled to get our “Salve On” at the Annual Ice Cream Social in East Windsor Connecticut. It takes place at the Historical Society.

We met Jean who has a balance issue, and has found nothing to help it. She is going to try using the salve in an around her face and ears to help ‘balance’ any ongoing issues in her inner ears, the place where we register balance.

We met Clark who told us about the Danbury hat makers (mercury poisoning,) and how their hands would shake when they would pick up their cups and saucers.

Jenny, of Jenny’s Flowers, had her booth next to ours. The salve immediately started softening the skin of her hard working hands. She said she could feel it absorbing.

Jill also started using the salve for her troubled skin.

Research on Castor Oil
Dr Williams has written a very important article to understanding the workings of the lymphatic system, and the benefits of using castor oil. Please note that he mentions using castor oil packs. These can be quite effective, however, Vanessa and I believe the Simple Salve to be superior for ease of use and absorption. The beeswax holds the castor oil in place until the body fully absorbs it.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Williams article:
“The lymphatic system works hand in hand with both the blood circulatory system and the digestive system.
In the circulatory system, newly oxygenated blood from the lungs moves from the heart along smaller and smaller arteries until it reaches the smallest vessels called capillaries. It is in these microscopic tubules that the blood exchanges oxygen and nutrients for cellular waste products with surrounding body cells. The capillaries then gradually become larger and form veins through which the un-oxygenated, waste-carrying blood returns back to the lungs and then to the heart recirculate, time and time again.

Much of the fluid accompanying the blood and large protein molecules leak from these capillaries. Additional fluids and waste products are expelled from every cell in the body. These fluids accumulate in the small spaces between the cells. If all of this material weren’t somehow removed, we would begin to swell like a toad and die within a matter of 24 hours.
Fortunately, the lymphatic system is able to absorb and remove these fluids, proteins and waste materials. With the exception of the brain, where these proteins and fluids flow directly into the fluid that surrounds them, the extensive lymphatic network has hundreds of miles of tubules that cover the entire body. Through these tubules all of this material is returned to the blood so it can be utilized or eliminated from the body. (There is no pathway, other than the lymphatic system, that excess protein molecules can use to return to the circulatory system.)”

I have edited my Castor Care article. Here is an excerpt:
“Castor oil’s long history and varied uses give it the status of an almost supernatural elixir. Castor oil lubricates heavy equipment, and is used as motor oil in the high performance engines of drag-race cars. In western medicine, it is currently used in chemotherapy, HIV medications, antifungals, anti-bacterials, and as artificial tears for the eyes. It can cleanse the liver and gallbladder, eliminate digestive problems, make wound repairs, reduce or eliminate eczema and psoriasis, ameliorate menopause symptoms, soften the skin, and boost the immune system.

Through the ages, castor oil has helped moms’ birth babies millions of times more often than all the other methods combined. If the castor seed is processed for nefarious reasons, it can make a deadly toxin called ricin. How can this one plant do all of these things? How can the castor plant bring so many of us into life, but put in a different form, it can also kill?”

And another excerpt:

“Castor oil was called the Palma Christi, or the “Hand of Christ.” This is not because it looks like the hand of Christ, as many have written, but because castor oil was an anointing oil of the high priests. It was used for baptisms, and for conferring a divine or holy position of office. Why did the ancients believe that they could clear, or enlighten the minds of others, by touching their heads with castor oil?

Here is the article in full:


To win the Salve be the first to answer the following question:

How does castor oil cause the lymph to move through the lymphatic system?

Clue: Read both of the articles listed above.
Please email your answers to MercuryFreeKids@gmail.com

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Bringing Back Intuition

20190803_104041 Naturules Chapo Salve.jpg

Somewhere along the way we somehow let ourselves believe that our brains are in charge of our bodies. Here are some examples of these types of behaviors. I have to take an exact dose or it won’t work, or I could die. I have to eat a meal. I have to sit here, not move, and watch this TV show right through the end of it, including the credits. I have to keep up with my drinking buddies. I have to smoke a cigarette, well, because I smoke cigarettes, and this is my habit, and I have to keep up appearances. I have to fit in these clothes, etc.

Why do animals live healthy lives, without all these problems we see in modern humans?

Because they don't have a brain to get in the way of their own intuitions. Unless they have been caged up, and begin following unhealthy regimented human behaviors.

Somewhere along the way we began to realize we can make a lot of money off of other people the more we separate them from their intuition.


When we adjust our habits and patterns to ingesting and behaving in ways that support us in our natural environments, our intuition begins to come back on line. Our body and organs begin to send us messages. For example, it tells us to drink water, or eat salt, or eat a vegetable.

In my lifelong struggle of constantly overeating, I have found that my brain is overriding my body. I will hear my stomach say, even after 3 or 4 bites of a meal, that is enough for me. However, my habit is to override that intuition, to tell myself I have to clean my plate, because if I don’t, my host will be shamed. Alternatively, I will be ashamed for not having completed my given task of eating what has been doled out for me.

This lack of intuition can run from eating, to drinking, to overindulging, to believing I have to put myself on some kind of strict regimen, rather than listen to my own internal organs

I would add the Naturules Simple Salve to your daily regimen. It stops the cells from letting stuff hang around, stuff that should be flushed down the toilet. Rather than the cells being flabby, lazy, pools of blah blah (and I do mean blah blah.) It could be excess nutrients, it can be fats, it can be ROS (reactive oxygen species) it might be just water accumulating.

20190304 Sunset Mallory Square Naturules 2.jpg


Castor oil triggers smooth muscle contractions, so it will push the fluids and blah blahs out and away from the cells, even against the force of gravity. That is how lymph flows, against the force of gravity.

For example, any one with allergies, or mold sensitivities, can benefit from the Simple Salve. Smooth muscle sits behind the lining of our sinuses and lungs. When coming in contact with the ricinoleic acid of castor oil, no more of those cells collecting mold or pollen, where the cells are nonreactive, accumulating a bunch of blah blahs, because they can't expand and contract as needed.

Castor oil will also help spread out to the cells our ingested nutrients. When the cells need to take out the garbage, those smooth muscle contractions cause the cells to squeeze out the excess like we would ring the water out of a towel.

Mercury Bathtub

Mercury Bathtub.jpg


The body needs sulfur to detox. The key is to take a lot of Epsom at once, not a little bit. I have been working on an analogy of a dirty bathtub. Let's pretend that our body is a bathtub, and that for a normal person, their bathtub fills up, and then it is drained, and this keeps repeating without any problems.

For a mercury toxic person, the mercury begins to clog up the liver and bile. The bile has a 95% uptake, and it is what digests our food. If mercury gets into our livers and bile, and we don't get it out of us, then we begin to clog up, and we drain slower and slower. For many people we believe we need to start adding stuff in to us to fix the problem. So with the dirtied water up to the edges of the tub, we start pouring in essentials, or trying oil of oregano, or juicing, or going keto, but if we don't deal with the clogged up drain, everything we do will only redistribute toxins, and the water gets dirtier and dirtier.

Many of us will have used some kind of medicine from the healthcare system, whether it be prescription meds or OTC (over the counter.) Almost all medicines disrupt our metabolic processes. The pharmaceutical industry often calls them disruptors, blockers, inhibitors, etc. In essence, they are constipators. They plug up the tub more and more. The relief we get from these medicines is that we stop moving mercury around, and/or it balances out a disruption. They are in effect preventing our detoxing of mercury.

Sulfur is the only way mercury is leaving the body. Our body makes the right amount of sulfur based chelators, like glutathione, if we get enough sulfur. However, the same principle applies as above. If we ingest sulfur, but don't open up the drain and clean out the tub, we can have a real serious problem. The mercury in our body can begin to redistribute with nowhere for it to go. The body then goes into a 911 mode, and back into the hands of the HC system I go, wondering why my panic attacks have gone through the roof. Why is my face breaking out? What is causing my neuropathy? Why do I have eczema, why is my eyesight failing, why am I losing my hair? All of these issues may be explained by mercury impinging on our sulfur needs. Those body parts I just mentioned are all very high in sulfur. We need lots of sulfur.

Sulfur is the 8th most common element in our bodies, yet there is no RDI (recommended dietary intake for sulfur.) Take into consideration sulfur is used for detox. The body doesn't use calcium or magnesium for detox, or almost any other recommended nutrient. We use sulfur for it. Now consider that the HC system doesn't implant iron into our bodies for our health, or selenium, or any other trace element, yet we are told we need it for our health. The HC system implants mercury into us, or puts it into our medicines any chance they get. Mercury is a metabolic disruptor, basically the worst one on the planet except for plutonium. The only way we are getting rid of mercury is with sulfur.

If we get small amounts of sulfur, and we have a high body burden of mercury, we are back to a redistribution problem with no outlet for the mercury to leave the body. So if I load up on high sulfur foods (what are called thiols,) then have a bottle of wine (sulfite,) then have a little bit of Epsom, I may be in for a smack down.

The key is take a lot of Epsom at one time to unclog the drain to the dirty bathtub.

See EpsomFlush.com

Albert Wilking

Naturules Belly Breath

NR Belly Breath.jpg

Alligators and crocodiles have almost no senescence. Senescence is a degradation of cells over time or with age. Basically, they would not die if it wasn’t for poisonings or injuries. They can hold their breath for up to 2 hours, and they haven’t evolved in about 200 million years. They are doing some things right!

Humans take about 17,000 breaths a day. That is 12 breaths a minute, times 60 minutes an hour, times 24 hours, and yet so many of us have so little control over our breath.

In November 2019, when I was camping in the Ocala National Forest, a couple of nights it was in the upper 30's, and low 40's, and damp. At that time I started doing the Wim Hof Method of breathing, and I have felt myself push away the cold. I have had a problem of getting cold, and staying cold my entire life.  Iodine has helped, but there was still something missing.

Many people have been injured, whether emotionally, or physically, and that may set them into shallow patterns of breathing in the upper chest. We may even be having the breath of a fight or flight response.  If we are shallow breathing, we can end up retaining ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), like carbon dioxide, or some other toxic substance. This can set our body up for an anaerobic food fest, where our bacteria starts fermenting, rather than feeding our bacteria oxygen that keeps predominantly in an aerobic state.

Ron Hruska is a breathing practitioner that helps people breathe by adjusting their sternum, and gets them to use diaphragmatic breathing.

Lets say we have a shoulder injury, and we can blame the shoulder for the problem, but it may be our sternum where we hold onto that injury.  Here is an article about Ron. He is the practitioner’s practitioner.

We need oxygen coming in to get the ROS (reactive oxygen species) out.  No matter what I ingest, without pulling out the ROS I won't be firing on all cylinders.  This is like expecting the fireplace to make a nice hot fire when the chimney is plugged up. The house will fill with smoke, and I will be going into 911 mode because the alarms are going off, I'm having trouble breathing, etc.

You may want to try Breath of Fire. I don't know if this is how the name was developed, but while lighting campfires I began to realize that the breath of fire, the hard fast exhales with NO focus on inhale was helping me get a new fire started from the smallest of embers.

For six months I have been practicing the Wim Hof Method, first thing in the morning.  However, I also find myself practicing it throughout the day. Our center of gravity is about 3 inches below the navel, and this is the same for just about anyone, no matter their weight, height or body shape. When doing Wim Hof, I have found visualizing my diaphragm being pulled down hard towards my center of gravity has be taking in wonderfully deep breaths.  I pull my diaphragm down as if it will touch my center of gravity, and maybe even bounce off of it.

This video interview with Joe Rogan is 2 1/2 hours long, but it is so worth it!   Wim Hof explains how his high aerobic breath work raises the ph of his body, and that this keeps him in a more natural aerobic state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hauwCHPRaRI

Regarding the Wim Hof breathing method:
I get panic attacks almost every time I do these breathing exercises. The key is to get over 90 seconds with the breath held.  Wim says that we have to go over 90 seconds to get our 'reptile' brain to trigger, and this is when we cause ourselves to create adrenaline. This creation of adrenaline is the same as if we were running a marathon, or going up on stage, or into a fight ring.  However, we are controlling it with our minds.

My update on my Wim Hof practice.

1.  Get 30 deep breaths in, down into your pelvis, as far down as you can go.  This is breathing properly through the diaphragm.  Try to get the oxygen down into your ovaries or testicles.  Try taking in more than you put out.  Go really fat when breathing in, then let some of it out, but not all of it.  Try to make yourself dizzy, or see stars, or go purple.  It’s best to do this lying down, before getting out of bed, and especially before eating. 

It doesn't matter whether you are breathing through your nose or mouth.  Just get the oxygen down into your belly.  Albert probably has just about 30 breaths right now.

2.  Breathe it all out.  I aim to hold my breathe for 120 seconds.  Mentally I count it out.  1000 one, 1000 two, and get up to 1000 15 or 1000 20, and then just count normally and slow, twenty one, twenty two. 

It doesn’t matter whether you hold your breath for 15 seconds, or 37 seconds, the point is to develop a habit of doing this every morning. This exercise puts to work the cells of our body.  The cells are no longer sitting on the couch, complaining about their lives.  They are now required to perform.

Wim Hof says that this is the equivalent of running 3 to 5 miles.  I have lost about 20 pounds in 6 months.

After 6 months of doing this, this is far better than any meditation I have ever done.  Sometimes, I am finding myself incredibly still for many seconds at a time.  My brain becomes relaxed, and that constant train of thoughts goes away.  My body isn’t twitching, and I’m not consciously, or unconsciously triggering movements in my body.  However, the opposite can happen, and it often does for many people just starting this habit.

Between 90 seconds and 120 seconds, even after 6 months of doing this, I can and often do experience moments of extreme terror.Like I’m going to be smothered, or I will never breathe again, or I will die.I will never come out of it.Its so strange that on average each person on the planet takes about 17,000 breaths.That’s 12 breaths a minute, and 720 breaths an hour times 24 hours.

3.  When you can't hold it out anymore, then let a big breathe in and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds.  I do this actively, where I consciously put pressure into parts of myself, and in distinct locations.  It feels to me like I am pushing oxygen there.I squeeze it into parts of myself that I previously thought I might burst.  I push it into my ears, or brain, or down into my testicles, wherever I feel like it needs it.  I can feel the pressure in my eyes, or the veins bulging in my neck.  I have heard some call this Isometrics, but to me it feels deeper. 

Here is my version of the Wim Hof method of breathing. Vanessa Wilking narrates.



Mercury Poisoning Cartoon from 1830's

Mercury Calomel Poisoning Cartoon.jpg

The caption under this cartoon says.

Here I am after a course of mercury, my teeth and gums rather for the worse of it; my hair all gone, and my breath having become most intolerably offensive.

The symbol of Western Healthcare is the symbol of mercury. The historic origins of it are the staff of Hermes, the ancient Greek god of Mercury.

I believe this image is from the Middle Ages.