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For those that are mercury toxic, or have an ailment caused by mercury, for every action you take, you will have a reaction to it, and the reactions will be compounded, and they can be severe.

Mercury is not a solid element like a piece of corn, that you swallow and it comes out the other end. Mercury does not just ride through the intestines or cardiovascular system, nor does it go into a cell and sit there.

Mercury is extremely dangerous. The reason a school is closed when a mercury thermometer breaks is the mercury goes all over the walls, the ceiling, and will float around in the air. However, it's not natural for it to be in an unbound state. It's naturally bound to sulfur.  When a human enters that space, and we are loaded with sulfur, the mercury will come off the walls and through the air to bind with the sulfur in our bodies. It enters our bodies through our skin, through our ears, eyes, nose, and lungs. When it hits the cardiovascular system, it can give us a heart attack or aneurysm.

My point here is that the mercury inside our bodies isn't a fixed/stable thing. It will move from our ligaments and connective tissue, right through our organs, through our intestinal walls to bind with newly consumed sulfur, or any thing else it chooses to bind with. This is not something we have control over.

Mercury will stay bound with this sulfur for a limited time. It may ride with the bile up into our livers, it may bind with the sulfur in our gut lining, and put holes into our intestinal tight protective webbing, leaking from our gut, large gluten and casomorphin peptides.  It may accumulate in our pancreas, causing diabetes as we are unable to make disulfide bonds as that's what makes insulin. It may give us an appendicitis, or gallstones. It may sink down into our legs and joints and knees and feet, giving us rheumatoid arthritis and other deteriorating joint issues, athlete foot fungus, yellowing toes, skin problems and achy bones. Mercury does what it wants.

The body reacts to the damaging mercury, and attempts to sequester it by pushing up the blood pressure to force it out of the cardio system, or by making cholesterol, fat cells, and tumors, or it is methylated by anaerobic pathogens like mycoplasma, Lyme, pylori, candida, etc.

If you disturb this mercury, by either ingesting sulfur, killing pathogens, losing weight, going on a not fat diet, or removing tumors that act as storage sites for mercury, you will have reactions, and in some cases they will be severe.

The key is to get all of the essentials raised in a controlled fashion, learn what is happening in our body, and adjust as necessary.  Mercury poisons on the way in, and it poisons on the way out. The main detoxifier for mercury is sulfur. However, keep in mind, move too much too fast and there will be a price to pay.

Your body can only handle a certain amount of detox through your detox channels at this time. Let's treat it as a fixed number and say you can only handle 10 micrograms of mercury a day at this time, without having a bad reaction.

By taking an essential like Epsom, and flushing, your regular detox channels will start to open up and be able to handle more detox. What you may be doing, by taking small amounts of Epsom is moving large amounts of toxins, but with nowhere for them to go. For example, if you move 100 mcg of Mercury, but you can only handle 10mcg, what happens? You get mercury redistribution, because that 90mcg has nowhere 'safe' to go, and you doing want it being stuffed into an organ where it doesn't belong. If it goes to the kidneys because the liver can't handle anymore, (and the kidneys are a terrible place to send mercury,) your stress levels may go through the roof.  The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. Up go the cortisol levels, and your endocrine system goes out of whack.

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