Poison as Medicine

This symbol means poison as medicine, mercury for profit, and is a commonly used symbol of the healthcare industry.  They tell us right up front to be wary of their medicines.

This symbol means poison as medicine, mercury for profit, and is a commonly used symbol of the healthcare industry.  They tell us right up front to be wary of their medicines.

The two snakes curling around the central rod is commonly found pictured in the logos of for-profit hospitals and medical institutions.  It means mercury for profit.  The American Medical Association was formed in 1857 by doctors advocating the use of mercurial treatments for disease.

Western Healthcare is great for treating emergencies.  It can cut us open, give us a new heart, attach new legs, set broken bones, stitch us up, and grow new skin.  In the hospital setting, the emergency room uses iodine and magnesium, two of life’s most important essential elements.  Iodine is used as a disinfectant, and magnesium calms.  When we leave the emergency room, instead of sending us home with iodine, magnesium or vitamin C, we are give prescriptions for for-profit pharmaceuticals, that are not as effective.

Outside the emergency room, Western Healthcare is owned by the for-profit pharmaceutical industry.  We are given poisons as treatments.  For example, mercury in vaccines and dental amalgams, and bromine in cold medicines.  The ancient Greeks called these poisoners Pharmakons.  The word Pharmakon is the root of the word pharmaceutical, and they have been poisoning for profit for thousands of years.  

Pharmakons prescribe poisons as medicines, or prescribe so much medicine that it poisons.  They then treat the symptoms of their poisoning with more of their medicine (poisons).  When the patient grows too sickly to treat, the subject is blamed for their condition, and the cycle continues.  The only way out is death.

Vaccines - We are told we need poisons to protect us from viruses and bacteria.  However, these same poisons feed bacteria that commonly infect humans.  Candida, Lyme, and pylori all feed on mercury.  They are called mercury reductase bacteria.

Most over the counter medicines, and prescription medications, are treating deficiencies of iodine and magnesium, or a poisoning that either created the deficiency, or was caused by the deficiency.  Iodine is so essential and important to our own health that it will protect us from radiation.  In fact, iodine is the only product that will protect us from radiation.  If we are deficient in iodine, other poisons like bromine and mercury can sit down in iodine receptor sites.

Iodine kills bacteria on contact.  Athlete’s foot fungus, skin conditions, eczema, intestinal parasites, ear infections, skin infections, hair loss, yeast infections, can all be treated with iodine.  Iodine is the most essential element our body needs.  The numbers in T1, T2, T3, and T4 thyroid hormones, are determined by the number of iodine molecules they have.  Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism.


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