Poison as Medicine

The Caduceus, two snakes encircling a rod, symbol of Western Medicine, means mercury-for-profit.      #PoisonAsMedicine

The Caduceus, two snakes encircling a rod, symbol of Western Medicine, means mercury-for-profit.      #PoisonAsMedicine

In 500 B.C., the Greek philosopher Plato, coined the term Pharmakon.

1.  Poison As Medicine.  There is an evil coming to get you, take this poison, it will protect you.  The Pharmakon scares the subject into taking a poison.
2.  Treat the Symptoms of the poisoning.  You need more poisons (meds) to help with your condition.  This is done for the profit of the Pharmakon.
3.  You have an incurable disease.  We can no longer profit from you.  GO AWAY!  Historically the person would have been pushed off a cliff, or made a scape-goat for societies ills.

Most people coming into our group are in the 3rd Act of the Pharmakon Theater.  The Healthcare System has failed them, and/or they were turned away being told we don’t know what’s wrong with you, GO AWAY!

The root of the word Pharmaceutical is Pharmakon.  Please commit to memory:

1.  Pharmakons give poison as a medicine (Get your FREE Flu shot today!)
2.  They treat the symptoms of their poisoning
3.  When the person becomes so sick they can no longer be treated, the person is blamed for their condition.

Many of us have been brainwashed into believing that the healthcare-pharmaceutical industry is looking out for our best interests.  However, their obligation is solely to the financial well being of their shareholders.  I am not saying all healthcare providers are evil, on the contrary, many of them have the best intentions, but that it is the profit making motive of the industry from the top down that is problematic.

Western Healthcare with their sci-fi skill sets is great for treating emergencies. They can cut us open, give us a new heart, attach new legs, set broken bones, stitch us up, and grow new skin.  In general, healthcare is not corrupted in the emergency room. In the ER, the first thing they give us intravenous SALT water. in a saline solution.  They use Iodine 100% of the time as an antiseptic.  Magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts, are used intravenously to stop pre-clampsia.  If someone is likely to loose their liver because of Tylenol poisoning, again its IV Epsom.

When we leave the ER, all of a sudden salt becomes dangerous.  People on low salt diets are sick.  The body needs the CL from the NaCL to fight infections.  White blood cells make HOCL.  If we have enough CL, our stomachs make the exact amount of HCL they need to function.  We then no longer need to buy an HCL prescription. 

In the pharmacy Iodine is sold in a tiny bottle with a skull and cross bones on it, Tylenol is the go to drug of choice, and Epsom salt sits on the dusty bottom shelf.  Why?  Because these essentials better our health, and the pharmaceutical industry does not profit if we are in good health.  They don't make money off of us if we are healthy.

The two snakes curling around the central rod is commonly found pictured in the logos of for-profit hospitals and medical institutions.  It means mercury for profit.  The American Medical Association was formed in 1857 by doctors advocating the use of mercurial treatments for disease.  This article is an important read to understand how mercury was historically used in a medicine called Calomel. 

Many doctors at this time were generally ignorant of the dangers of mercury, like so many today are ignorant of the dangers of mercury in our fillings, or in the form of Thimerosal, which is delivered to us in many forms, from vaccines, to contact lens solutions, to mercurochrome (yes, its still around in many countries).

There are more than 75,000 ER visits a year due to Tylenol overdoses causing serious health emergencies, including liver failure and death.  There hasn't been a person who has died from an Iodine overdose in 50 years, and that was an intentional attempt at suicide.

Western Healthcare for emergencies is quite advanced.  However,
for non-emergencies, we are giving poisons as medicine,
for which the industry profits from the treatment of our poisoning symptoms. 

Outside the emergency room, Western Healthcare is owned by the for-profit pharmaceutical industry.  We are given poisons as medicines.  Mercury in vaccines and dental amalgams, and bromine in cold medicines.  The ancient Greeks called these poisoners Pharmakons.  The word Pharmakon is the root of the word pharmaceutical, and they have been poisoning for profit for thousands of years.  

Pharmakons prescribe poisons as medicines, or prescribe so much medicine that it becomes poisonous.  They then treat the symptoms of their poisonings with more of their medicine (poisons).  When the patient grows too sickly to treat, the subject is blamed for their condition, and the cycle continues.  The only way out is death.

Vaccines - We are told we need poisons to protect us from viruses and bacteria.  However, these same poisons feed bacteria that commonly infect humans.  Candida, Lyme, and pylori all feed on mercury.  They are called mercury reductase bacteria.

Most over the counter medicines, and prescription medications, are treating deficiencies of iodine, magnesium, potassium, salt, sulfur/sulfate and vitamin C.  or a poisoning that either created the deficiency, or was caused by the deficiency.  Iodine is so essential and important to our own health that it will protect us from radiation.  In fact, iodine is the only product that will protect us from radiation.  If we are deficient in iodine, other poisons like bromine and mercury can sit down in iodine receptor sites.

Iodine kills bacteria on contact.  Athlete’s foot fungus, skin conditions, eczema, intestinal parasites, ear infections, skin infections, hair loss, yeast infections, can all be treated with iodine.  Iodine is the most essential element our body needs.  The numbers in T1, T2, T3, and T4 thyroid hormones, are determined by the number of iodine molecules they have.  Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism.

The vaccine propaganda is coming from the pharmaceutical industry, not from the 'antivaxxers'. The ancient greeks named medical poisoners pharmakons, This is where the word pharmaceutical is derived.  They give a "medicine", the medicine becomes a poison, and then the person is scapegoated when they can no longer function.

Into the 1950's the pharmaceutical industry poisoned so many children with mercury in teething powders that they gave a new name to the disease, acrodynia, or pink disease. The soothing powder initially calmed the child but when the mercury began causing swelling the child would break into an encephalytic scream. The pharma solution? Feed the child more teething powder.



The vaccine propaganda of the vaccine industry tells us we need vaccines as medicine. The medicine becomes a poison, and then when the person is maimed, the patient is blamed for their condition because of a genetic abnormality. 


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