MOM - Mercury crosses the placenta.  If your mom had dental fillings, she gave you mercury.


Mercury fillings are dangerous in the mouth, they are dangerous taking them out, and they are dangerous once they are gone. Once those fillings are gone, the body can dump it's mercury load, and that can move a person from being chronically mercury poisoned, to being acutely mercury poisoned.

Mercury is dangerous in the mouth, dangerous taking it out, and dangerous once it is removed. You will have a mercury redistribution after the fillings of mercury are gone, because the body will release the mercury in your cells. You can go from having a chronic case of mercury poisoning, to having an acute case of mercury poisoning very quickly.

If you are doing the exercise CARNIVAL RIDE OF TOXINS, and you are emailing me your list of toxins, be sure to include answers to the following.

Do you have amalgam fillings now?
How many amalgam fillings do you have now?
What year were your amalgams first placed in your mouth?  How old were you?
Have you had amalgam fillings removed?  When were they removed?
Were your amalgam fillings removed 'safely' from your mouth?
Do you have amalgam fillings, and also have other kinds of metals implanted into your body?

Vaccines - Many vaccines contain mercury.  Do not believe otherwise!  By law vaccines can be called 'MERCURY FREE' even if they contain mercury!

Mercury destroys brain neurons.

Vaccines contain adjuvants like mercury and aluminum.  No one knows the exact effects these two metals have upon fully developed adults, much less upon the neurodevelopment of a growing child.  However, the truth is, they will effect us, some of differently, and some more than others.

Any corporation, governmental authority, scientist, or individual claiming they know the 'science' around the study of mercury poisoning, dental fillings, or vaccines is LYING.  The definition of Science requires we can test the results, and when there are too many variables, we can not test the results.  In a laboratory we can control all of the variables, but in the real world we cannot.  Who knows if little Johnny played with cadmium paints, then was in his father's garage where there are two broken lightbulbs, and the family just installed wall to wall carpeting with a coal fly ash backing. What will the effect be upon him, with his own unique genetics and load of toxins be if we inject him wtih 25mcg of mercury?  No on knows.  We can calculate averages, but this is not science.  For example, it is possible that 10% of people receiving a vaccine have adverse reactions, that 3% of boys receiving vaccines develop autism, and 90% of people with more than 12 dental fillings have diabetes.  The study of the effects of mercury, or vaccines on people is a mathematical study of statistics, not science.  When someone says there was a scientific study done on vaccines, you now know that's impossible, because we can't control all of the variables.

Imported cosmetics - Especially eyeliner
Imported cosmetic bleaching agents
Antiseptics Be highly suspect of any odd sounding ingredient.

Eating predatory fish - Methylmercury is readily bioaccumulated by top predators.  That means you.

Coal - This includes coal miners exposed to coal dust and those breathing the emissions of coal plants.  Incidentally, coal is the basis of the pharmaceutical industry.  Any big-pharma product may be tainted with mercury.

Clock Pendulums - Old clocks that have pendulums will most times have mercury contained withing.  Do NOT lay the pendulums on their sides, they will leak mercury.

Sheetrock - Fabricated gypsum contains as much as 2 parts per million of mercury.  If I did the math right this could mean a 600 square ft apartment might have 2 grams of mercury.  Let me know if I'm wrong.
The EPA says this is safe.

Coal Fly Ash Home Products
The concern for me is that the more surface area, the more porous a product, the more likely it is to off gas dangerous chemicals and toxins, especially mercury.  Mercury is an incredibly volatile element, add a lot of surface area to it like in the case of carpet backing, and then add the friction of people walking on it, and we have a real problem.  No one that I have found is measuring how much mercury is being released.

Golf Balls
Park benches made out of composite wood
Composite wood on your deck or favorite seashore boardwalk
Ebonite bowling balls
Snow and ice melt
Vinyl flooring
Plastic utensils and tool handles
Composite kitchen counters
Dog houses
Cattle feeders
Carpet backing

Mold - Mercury laced mold from gypsum products and cement walls.  This is my newest theory.  Mercury is bacteriostatic, not bacteriodical.  That means moldew, mildew, viruses, and bacteria live where mercury resides; they just don't propagate.

Mining - Many communities and not just individuals are being poisoned by elements from mining including sulphur, cobalt, mercury, copper and lead.  Many bring these contaminants home in their laundry, as well as contaminating their vehicles. This has lead to the contamination of their communities, homes and family.  Imagine how many people have been poisoned from mining; it may be billions of people.

Old housing in the Barrio - Mercury is commonly used in Santeria religious rituals.  It may be sprinkled throughout the house and is often sold at the local botanica.  I believe the almost complete destruction of the Bronx is a result of Santeria mercurial poisoning.


Dentist Offices - and buildings that contain them.

Castner-Kellner Process
Through this antiquated industry mercury contaminates minimally 20% of the following products, some severely.  I believe this industry is purposely disposing of mercury in end products rather than deal with toxic waste.

High Fructose Corn Syrup - HFCS
Citric Acid - It's in almost every big company canned food, either this one or sodium benzoate.
Sodium Benzoate
Caustic Soda

See mercury contamination of these products here: 

Microcrystalline cellulose - Be careful of binders or fillers added to your food or supplements.  Mercury tainted caustic soda may have been used to 'digest' wood fibers to make the filler contained in your 'healthy' supplement.

The Castner-Kellner Process also produces chlorine. 
Chlorine is used in municipal water systems, and to fumigate big grain silos, all of them, even giant silos filled with Monsanto product.  Our wheat allergies may be mercury poisoning.  
Chlorine is used to produce bleach.

Bleach - Clorox does not use bleach produced from the Castner-Kellner Process.  V.P. Jim McCabe of Clorox reveals some bleaches are certainly tainted with mercury.

Bleached products including
White Rice
White Flour
White paper towels
White toilet paper
White napkins
White paper plates
Anything bleached white

Marcal's paper products appear to be the only big name paper products not tainted by mercury.

Old lumber - Mercury used as an insect repellant and killer.  I learned this from Dan Olmsted's Age of Autism.
Acrylic sealant paints for mold and mildew
Plastics -
That interior new car smell and oily sheen is the off gassing of the coal industry's mercury tainted plastic. 
Plastic piping.  Any plastic that has a feeling of breaking down, like it's oiling up your hands. like it's disintegrating back to oil.  They aren't going to remove mercury from such a cheap-throwaway product.
Vinyl chloride - linoleum.  Vinyl floor tiles.
Cement/Concrete - mercury is a naturally occurring element in limestone.
CFL light bulbs - do not break them and stay away from places where they may have been broken!
Red Colors - Cinnabar has been used through the ages as a red coloring for inks and paints.  Tattoo ink and inks or paints colored vermillion may have mercury.

I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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