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The best detox system we have is to detox through the intestines, but most sick people have some kind of intestinal problem, which means they have some kind of infection, which means they have a mercury problem.  Mercury is the root problem of almost all diseases we have today.  #GoingLoopyWithToxins

Acupuncture, chiropractic, essential elements, and vitamins can ALL move toxins, and this is a GOOD thing, as long as our major detox pathways are in good working order.

Mercury may accumulate from any number of sources.  Sources of mercury are mercury dental fillings, vaccines, broken light bulbs, corn syrup, tuna and more.  If you have not made a list of possible exposures, and symptoms, you need to get them here:

If you have your lists ready, you may now enter the CARNIVAL RIDE called GOING LOOPY WITH TOXINS
On this ride, every time your read GOING LOOPY WITH TOXINS, and you encounter the words MERCURY 911, if you or a loved one have been performing one of these actions, go back to the beginning of GOING LOOPY WITH TOXINS, where it first says MERCURY 911, and start reading all over again from that point.  Show the usher your tickets, YOUR TICKETS ARE YOUR LISTS, and remember you can not get off the ride until the ride is over, until you HAVE stopped looping back to the starting point - Mercury 911..  There is no exiting until you have finished riding GOING LOOPY WITH TOXINS,

The body does everything it can to prevent an acute case of mercury poisoning, one where a whole bunch of mercury moves freely through the body, because that action can ruin an organ, and the person will die relatively quickly.  The body takes emergency actions to store free-floating mercury. It may store it in existing fats, like the brain or central nervous system.  Some bodies are smart enough to make fat cells to store it.  The obesity epidemic is not a sugar or fatty diet epidemic,  it’s a mercury epidemic.  The body may also store mercury by allowing pathogens that methylate mercury, to live within the body, so that the pathogens suspends the mercury.  These pathogens can be either bacteria or fungus.  Bacteria include H Pylori, and Lyme.  Fungus like candida also methylate mercury.  Although these infections are not the best solution for the body, it’s a better solution than free-floating mercury.  If the mercury toxicity is severe, the body will make tumors to store the mercury.  By killing off bacteria and fungus, going on a crash diet, or cutting out cancer, the body can quickly grow acutely toxic with mercury, especially if there is a constant source of mercury, like leaking mercury dental fillings.  All mercury dental fillings leak.

If you have had mercury dental fillings removed, it's very important you address the mercury toxicity in your body. Mercury is dangerous in your fillings, it's dangerous taking it out, and it's dangerous once they are gone. The 3 month mark after removal is a biggie, because the cells and organs in the body can 'wake up' and say, hey what am I doing with this stuff, and dump it's mercury all at once.  If it does this, you will move into a case of acute mercury poisoning.  The body will go into 911 mode and will start storing the mercury anywhere it can, and that means fat cells.  Your brain is comprised mostly of fat cells.  You guessed it, the body sends the mercury to the brain.  Go back to MERCURY 911.

Candida, Pylori, and Lyme are anaerobic, facultative pathogesn that methylate mercury. They take mercury into their cells.  The body lets these pathogens live to help suspend the mercury.  Mercury is 500 times more dangerous than lead. The body doesn't want the mercury coming in contact with it's own cells, mercury destroys nerve and brain synapses on contact.  Get rid of the mercury, and the bacteria and fungus go away,  However, if you kill the pathogens, you get poisoned by mercury.  The key is to get rid of the mercury, then the body can safely discharge the pathogens of their duty.  The body is using these pathogens to protect you from mercury poisoning.  Kill the pathogens and go back to MERCURY 911.

The body sends mercury to the liver, and the liver sends mercury and other toxins into the intestines for evacuation.  The liver also sends bile into the intestines to digest food.  Mercury has an affinity for sulfur, and is bound to sulfur in a natural state.  Bile has a lot of sulfur in it, and because the bile has a 95% uptake, when mercury attaches to the sulfur in the bile, it begins looping through the body in a toxic loop.  The mercury enters the blood stream and puts holes in the veins.  The body starts making cholesterol to plug up the holes.  The mercury can drop off in any number of places.  It can go to the eyes (cataracts), nervous system (fibromyalgia), pancreas (diabetes), and the list goes on and on and on.  The more the systems of excretion are backed up, the deeper into the body the mercury will go. For example, if the kidneys are backed up, the mercury will be set down in the adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys.  Redistribute more mercury than the body can safely send out of it's detox pathways and go back to MERCURY 911.

Many vegetarians can grow very sick from mercury poisoning because their bodies run very efficiently, too efficiently to dump the mercury.  Their bile uptake may be as high as 99%, so the mercury just keeps circulating through their system.  Think about getting the runs from a greasy slice of pizza, or a piece of fatty meat.  Not very efficient in uptake, is it?  That bile is leaving the body.

Most sick people have a problem with their intestines.  They are constipated, they have IBS, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, and the list goes on and on.  Intestinal problems, including diarrhea, are a sign that the intestines have a toxic mercury problem.  In constipation, the intestines, inflamed from mercury, cannot evacuate.  With diarrhea, and other discharge problems, the body is literally leaking out toxins, trying to get rid of them.  However, most drugs, and OTC medicines, stop the body from detoxifying.  Tylenol is a reductase inhibitor; it stops the liver from detoxifying. Go back to MERCURY 911

Not feeling well, many people decide to boost their immune system by eating a bunch of immune stimulating foods like garlic, or onions.  These foods are loaded with sulfur, and mercury has an affinity for sulfur.  From it’s ‘safely stored’ place, after these foods are ingested, the mercury may loosely bind to the free floating sulfur, and end up back in the liver, and start the toxic loop all over again.  Go back to MERCURY 911

An immediate solution, but not a permanent solution, is to flush the intestines, not with an invasive enema, or a liver flush, but to do an ascorbate cleanse.  Cleansing the intestines creates a safe place for the body to send toxins, allowing the rest of the body, cells and organs, to release their stored toxins, and they can start doing their jobs.  Clearing the intestines of its current toxic load will begin the process of breaking the toxic loop.


These are some of my opinions, combined with big chunks of info from the Perque L-Ascorbate Cleanse Protocol, and more about ascorbate and the cleanse

This is Perque's web page for their L-Ascorbate protocol.  How to do their ascorbate cleanse.  Be sure to click all the links.  This is important.

This is Diane Dean's well written, clear and concisearticle about L-Ascorbate.  Reading this will help you understand more about L-Ascorbate and The Human Body.  I still don't understand everything she has written, but I keep reading it.  This is important information. 
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The most essential elements we need:

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This is a good read from the Weston Price Foundation about chelating mercury from the body


If you don't believe that bacteria can methylate mercury, you may want to read this paper by Ann Summers at the CDC website.  This article covers commensal bacteria.

This article covers Zoonosis Bacteria like Lyme and Commensal Bacteria.

Fruiting bodies had higher THg concentrations than substrates, indicating, that THg was translocated from the substrate to the fruiting body through the mycelia.


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