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Where do I begin... That I'm loving life again. That I'm normal. That I'm not cursed with something the western doctors won't even consider a problem (that in itself is a big red flag). That I can have hope to live a candida free life and to have enough energy to get through an entire day without falling apart. To be me again! Through the Wilking Protocol I'm flushing out bad and putting in good. I owe all the praise to God for leading me here and Albert Wilking for allowing God to use him to help me and others. I'm only through the first protocol and I'm seeing great results. It took me 7 years fighting the battle of a leaky gut. I've dieted and I've spent thousands of dollars on seeking comfort from candida overgrowth. Everytime I thought it was gone it came back with a vengeance. Finally the last year I succumbed to the idea that I'll never be able to eat normal again. The Wilking Protocol has not only given me the means to heal myself, but the understanding of what has been happening to me. Which is an incredible feeling knowing that there is an answer. My healing continues into tier 2 this next week. I can't wait to be free of this burden of mercury.  It's been a long frustrating journey.  There truly is hope!

Martha Dupree Slobojan

I have healed hypothyroidism with the Wilking Protocol.

I was taking Armor Thyroid medication for nearly a decade.

Finally, I removed my amalgam fillings and started the Wilking Protocol.

A year later, I received a clean bill of health from my doctor. My thyroid now tests in the normal range.


Elli Sparks

I have also been the “sickest healthy person” around for decades with innumerable ailments/diagnoses and feeling hopeless after trying GAPS, Paleo, NDs, MDs & every therapy I knew to try.....for the very first time since I was a small child, I have eradicated Candida just by adding in the essentials for a couple months. I am slowly but surely feeling better week by week.  I am amazed!!


I haven been on this protocol faithfully for about 6 months- currently some life events have happened so I’m taking a tiny break but will resume mid April. I will say when starting this protocol I was desperate! The medical field failed me, my doctor failed me. I was in pain everyday diagnosed with Lupus- which turned negative then Hashimoto then rheumatoid arthritis. If I was still listening to the doctors I would still be on 6 different medications!! And still seeing rheumatologist- turned out I didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis It was my diet- my body was reacting to gluten. I believe my Hashimoto stemmed from post traumatic stress, birthing twins, vaccines., and not taking care of myself. I was full of toxins and my body was not wanting to release any of it!!! Since being on this protocol I was finally able to have a BM everyday rather than every 3-5 days, I began to lose weight, began to have energy, was able to cut my thyroid medication in 1/2- soon I will stop taking it completely, and I’m also able to eat gluten again without any reactions!!! This protocol works it just takes time- you will start to feel better after a few months you won’t even remember what was ailing you. I feel selfish in a way as I’m beginning i was very active in this group-as I needed help! As I started to feel better I stopped posting as much and being as active- I just want Albert Wilking to know I appreciate what you are doing :):)

Tina Gittrich


I once walked into a functional medicine Doctors office and complained of my extreme chronic fatigue only to be shaken off and told that if my methylation wasn't working there wasn't anything he could do for me. The man had many different degrees and plaques on his walls. I paid $350 for him to tell me that and to eat more fruits and vegetables. I'm abundantly happy to say that that doctor had nothing on Albert Wilking and his protocol!
I've suffered with stomach problems all my life ever since my vaccinations. I think I recall getting the polio and hib vaccine and shortly after returning to the clinic because my stomach was so backed up.
For the past decade my fatigue has been crippling. I have done countless hours of research and knew that with the right Ingredients I would one day feel well again. I'm happy to say that one day is today! This protocol has healed all of my major symptoms and given me faith that I can live a life worth living. I fully plan to implement the protocol with my children.

Char Schu

Increasing my sulfate levels by taking therapeutic doses of MSM (slowly working up to high doses), along with using other essentials like L-ascorbate vitamin C, Himalayan Rock Salt, Potassium Citrate, and Magnesium, and using Activated Charcoal every night to bind to toxins, has helped my body heal from over 35 symptoms.

Previously, I had severe derealization and chose to not drive for five years because of it, I had migratory joint pain in almost every joint, I had trouble sleeping, I was irritable and had trouble finding joy in life, I had tinnitus, neck and back pain, social anxiety, fears, paranoia, tremors, shooting pains, night terrors/ spiritual warfare, crying spells, and many other symptoms.

I tested positive for many things, like Lyme Disease and co-infections, Pyroluria, mold toxicity, hormonal imbalances, and other conditions, however, pursuing treatments for those conditions often left me feeling worse.

I have been on this protocol for 11 months and on most days I am pain-free, sleeping awesome, and driving around town like it's no big deal. I am socializing a lot and making new friends. I am HAPPY.

Joseph-Melissa Cochran

I’m so happy with where I’m at today after being on the protocol for 3 months! I haven’t even thought about my bladder issues in over a month! (IC and PFD) I started citric Acid which would have killed me with my IC a few months ago! I have energy and am not feeling so foggy! I have a looong Road ahead of me, but I feel like I’m on the right road this time! I truly appreciate all of the knowledge in this protocol and am grateful you share it with us!!!

Sheri Mills

I'm so blessed to have found this protocol.

I've stopped being a night owl, I sleep better, and I can tell my testosterone has climbed back up. I have the feeling I won't be using up any sick days this year.

Steph has found an oasis from her adrenalized responses to things and brain fog. She has way more energy. Lately, it really seems like the hypothyroidism is on its way out. She's even thinking of writing a novel.

Danny is pooping regularly and talking more and more. He is so affectionate and responsive lately. I can actually visualize him completely snapping out of ASD entirely in the future. Early in 2017, he would spend hours each day repetitively putting books through a door jamb. The change is nothing short of extraordinary. His teacher, OT, and ABA therapists are all very excited by the changes.

Thank you, Albert!

Mark Paulson

When I started the Wilking protocol I had a 7 year history of progressively worsening chronic constipation that was so bad I was unable to move stool except with a colonic. I did coffee enemas, magnesium oxide, Frequent Low Dose Chelation, extensive parasite protocols and several natural Lyme and SIBO protocols, and finally resorting to antibiotics. I steadily declined throughout and many interventions accelerated my loss of motility. I have been practicing mould avoidance for 3 of the past 7 years.

During these 7 years I was unable to tolerate fruit or anything sweet, all but 2 grains, only 4 vegetables, no fats and oils, herbs or essential oils and most supplements. I had chronic dehydration, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lyme, SIBO, severe fructose malabsorption, amine, salicylate and thiol sensitivity. I was down to under 40kg/88lb and had to eat a mountain of the few foods I could tolerate each day just to maintain that weight. I painful haemorrhoids, crushing headaches and migraines, bloating and gas, was chronically chilled to the bone and had a constant putrid taste I my mouth that only a colonic could temporarily relieve.

After 6 months of dedicated detoxing I am now eating everything, and am now ruled by my tastebuds 😊 am a healthy 52kg/115lb and keeping my bowel moving is no problem at all. I am no longer dehydrated, haemorrhoids and foul taste are gone, I feel as though I am coming back to the self I once was before my health fell completely to pieces after a lifetime of struggling with the toxicity of my 12 amalgams, vaccines, a tick bite, and exposure to a broken CFL and toxic mould.
I am so grateful to Albert for helping me to find my way back from the miserable state I was in and restoring my confidence on my body’s ability to heal. The friends I have made in that group will be friends for life! Thank you Albert and Team Wilking!
Maree Krazer

I say that it is the best protocol I have come across.  And I know them all (unfortunately).  My love for her (Daughter, aged 3) kept me digging and digging. And when i found the Wilking (Protocol) and decided to "wilkeneer" her, my husband’s complaint was, “Are they doctors at least?”
I said, “No, Thank God.  She will be safe.”
An Educated Mom

My son Huxley has been chronically constipated since he was 8 months old, along with many other issues. When I started him on the Wilking Protocol, he had an awful chronic cough that had lasted 4.5 months. I had tried several herbal remedies for boosting the immune system, but nothing worked very much. After 3 days on the protocol, he had improved by 70%.. and after one week, the cough was GONE! I could hardly believe it, after 4.5 months of hell.. In addition, it only took days for him to become very regular.. no more withholding, no more straining, no more painful BMs. My boy is so happy now! He’s always been a sweetheart, but I can always tell when he’s not feeling his best because he will start to act out. Before starting the protocol, we were going through some very tough times with him. I suspect that the cough and constipation had him feeling quite awful. Now, he is radiant! He is so much calmer and sweeter, and just seems very happy. We are all on the protocol in my house and we’re all doing fantastic. I can’t rave enough about the Wilking Protocol! I wish everyone would do it!
Morgan Wardle and family

I am enjoying Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays like never before. My children are getting healthier and happier just by me being healthier and able to cook for them and be there for them.  My house is getting clean and organized.
I couldn't do any of this without your help.  Thank you!   May the holidays be merry and bright for you and yours.
Sara Soeters

I've been trying for over a decade to improve my health after learning about the subtle poisonings of amalgam fillings. I've tried everything I could afford and a lot I couldn't afford. I learned a lot through reading and studying and asking questions, but I'd lose interest or suffer really strong side-effects after a few months of trying each different protocol, and I've prayed for a really long time for guidance in recovery. Amalgam fillings have contributed to strong depression, seasonal insomnia, type 1 Diabetes and an amputation due to a bone cancer- and while mainstream science often doesn't have attention on how dental work can topple dominoes to those ailments, it's hard to deny that each problem has come, one after the other, after root canals, crowns, more fillings, and more problems.
By the time I started paying attention to the Wilking protocol I was two years post-amalgam removal (13 total amalgams and one root canal), and had a cabinet full of old supplements. I knew what each could help with and how they worked, but not how to use them in a pattern that made sense and daily, to get mercury and inorganic metals out. I was having emotional darkness and confusion in waves, and antibiotics wasn't helping for over a half year with chronic jaw pain and urinary tract infections.
When I started The Wilking Protocol I went in full-force and used Epsom salt and all the first-tier nutrients a-plenty. My system's been really sensitive because mercury and parasites have had the upper hand on my immune system a long time, and fortunately, I found help in Albert's well-moderated group and guidance when I started stumbling on my own.
This is a help I've really needed- a community of folk who are working towards the same goals, quick nudges in the right direction so I have quick relief of symptoms when I'm confused, and the relief of knowing I'm not the only one in this journey. During the first two months of being on the protocol, I was doing exams in college, and my long-term memory recall and ability to troubleshoot problems (it's for an IT degree) was faster than I've ever experienced since I first got amalgams set in at age 14.
I feel stronger and sleep better at three months into the protocol!
Perhaps the nicest thing is that Albert's been curious and pointed out what's needed to cover those weaknesses mercury has been using to keep my head underwater for so long. I've had a lot to read and learn so I could understand the links and information, but it's nice to have brain fog lifted so I can go forwards instead of going around the same old tattered maypole of chronic mercury-poisoning symptoms.
And, for the first time, I'm able to take larger doses of iodine without severe mental distress as it pushes out the mercury. I'm really grateful for that, since the most reliable report of successful treatment of Type 1 Diabetes was in Dr. Brownstein's book about iodine. It's nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel. While I don't know how long the walk is, now I feel like I can and will make it all the way.
-Jeanette (Age 37)

I have been doing Epsom everyday for weeks now and feeling great. I have no bad reaction to it anymore other then have to go many times a day and that is a good thing. I started last week taking 1 tbs in a glass of water and take gulps every few hours through out the day. Ever since I started this I have felt 100 times better. or more so then once or twice a day.
Andy Williamson

After my health began to decline in my fifties and I was done spending my life in doctor's offices, I began a several year journey of self healing. I became healthier, but I was not healed. I still had significant issues, although they were becoming less frequent. One day I found Albert and The Wilking Protocol through Facebook. In a few short months Albert taught me what was going on with my body (essentially mercury poisoning triggered by a powerful antibiotic called Cipro combined with a lack of 'essentials'), how to heal it, and in so doing, literally reverse aged a lot of the damage that has been going on with me since the mercury was placed in me as a child of 12. Amazing that just understanding the essentials of life and how to use them in higher doses to heal could have such an incredible impact on my health. As they say, "the truth will set you free but at first it will really piss you off!" I mourn the loss of the body I could have had all those years, but celebrate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that from here on out, I can live life to the fullest and I am in control of my body; I have developed an intuition for what it needs. I don't have to participate in a costly, fear based healthcare system. And I can pass on this knowledge to my children and their children. I have so much confidence in the protocol that I have set my sites on seeing just how strong a 60 year old body can be. I suspect I can surpass the 20 or 30 year old body I once had as I watch the symptoms I've had most of my life disappear one by one.
Jane L.

The Wilking Protocol will change your life.
Just stick with it.
I've lost 40lbs and feel like I have my life back.
In just a few months.
Bob Scalise

The Wilking protocol has helped me, find ME again! Before starting the protocol I'd really felt like I was aging very quickly. I had depression anxiety I didn't want to leave the house... my joints ache my feet hurt any ailment was taking months to heal or to feel better. I felt like I had had several heart attacks in the previous year and nothing I did was making me better. It's been 8 months on protocol for me and I now feel like I felt when I was in my twenties! I can't be more thankful for Albert and this protocol and the group and the support! I'm very excited about all of the improvements I'm seeing and looking forward to what comes next as my body starts to do the things it was designed to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family's heart! My children no longer are constipated and that empowerment is priceless!
Dejean O'Bryan

I started the Wilking Protocol in the spring.
Following the protocol with the support of others has helped me achieve a new level of healing.

I'm still new to the Wilking protocol, in the four months since I started I have seen my mood increase and stability has begun to return. My body is less bloated and I have had an increase in my energy. I feel like a person, I'm so grateful for the support and comradeship I have found in the group the freedom that knowledge is shared is wonderful. Finding the Wilking protocol has rekindled my hope for my health and my faith in humanity.   Thanks Lise.

Virtually all my symptoms have dissipated minus the brain fog. No more daily headaches, shooting pains, apathy, emotional instability, muscle twitching, etc.
At times, the future seemed so dismal and my hope was nearly diminished. It was support groups like this that kept me from coming apart at the seams. I'm indebted. If I had to quantify where I was before I started this journey, I'd say I was operating at 40% capacity. As of today, I am at 80%. For anyone out there who is having any sort of dismay, just keep on keeping on! It works. I'm living proof. Thank you Albert Wilking !!!
Jeremy Peterson

Since reading all the advice on this page my 4 year old does not get constipated anymore. For the last few months he's been doing 1-2 perfectly formed stools a day. This is a boy who was taken via ambulance in January because his stools had blocked his urethra.

Annie Ryan

The NYC population has a real problem with heavy metal toxicity, not only in the water and air but also in the mouths of the residents. Albert has dedicated his life to creating awareness and providing information about mercury poisoning. I suggest you attend one or more of Albert’s informational meetings. “

Mark A Wisniewski DDS, AIAOMT, AAO, HDA
President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology


Albert Wilking is doing important educational work regarding the dangers of mercury. He is a helpful resource, shedding light on the hazards of mercury and what may be done about it.

Leo Cashman - Director DAMS - Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

Mercury 101 is informative and entertaining. Albert presents the facts in a chronological way that explains how our culture today is so toxic with Mercury. One afternoon with Mercury 101 can be life changing. 

Dr. Brand
The Brand Wellness Center
New York, NY

Albert made me laugh, and really scared me too.  This is one of the most pressing healthcare issues of today!

David Koren - Executive Producer, FIGMENT

This is a wonderful event and the topic is something every family should know about!! bravo!

Kathryn from NYC February 2015

I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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