Why My Lyme Disease Won't Go Away

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Lyme bacteria methylate mercury.  Lyme pathogens are facultative bacteria.  Facultative bacteria switch from being aerobic to anaerobic, depending on food sources and the presence of other toxins. 


When spirochetes are killed, methylated-mercury is released, and the body has a “Herxheimer’s “ response.  However, the painful and inflammatory response is the body reacting to the newly released mercury.  The body swells, preventing mercury redistribution, in an attempt to prevent collateral damage from the free-floating mercury.  Mercury is extremely dangerous in the blood stream, it can give the subject a heart attack or an aneurysm instantly.  The body reacts violently in an attempt to sequester the mercury.  The “Herxheimer’s” response should be called a mercury redistribution reaction.

A mercury atom is 10,000 times more toxic than a Lyme spirochete.  You simply will not get rid of the Lyme until the mercury toxicity is addressed.

This is a PubMed article on how mercury can attack the myelin sheaths.

This is how mercury can degenerate brain motor neurons.

Do this exercise to estimate mercury exposures, and to begin addressing mercury toxicity.

Tickets to the Carnival Ride Going Loopy with Toxins - The Problem Testing For Mercury


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