Acute vs Chronic Mercury Poisoning


WARNING:  What you may be doing to ‘HELP’ your cause,  might make you really really sick. 

Who likes the game Chutes and Ladders?  Some of us want to be on top, near the finish line, cured of all our symptoms and mercury gone away.  Wave that magic wand, right?  We want to hit the home run, but no way do we belong there.  Instead we get a sour apple and get sent back down a chute to the beginning of the game.   

Herbs can cause serious mercury redistribution issues, and I find a lot of the problem for people is that they're having a reaction to things, they're killing stuff, moving it around, and yet they aren't pooping out what's already in their belly.  This gets the liver backed up, then the pancreas, then the allergies come, and then the body is trying to send big toxins out through the skin, and here comes the histamine reaction or eczema.  Its like a line of dominoes falling, or a falling house of cards.

Be very wary of doubling up protocols, sneaking in some Essential Oils, or another round of antibiotics, and for those trying to chelate with ALA, DMSA, or DMPS, RIGHT NOW!

Adding in essential elements to human life are like simple addition and multiplication tables. Get them down, pass the course and move on to ALGEBRA. Try to do ALGEBRA without having these down, and you fail the course, and keep failing the course, and keep failing the course, and keep failing the course. What is the analogy for ALGEBRA in this case? Some kind of high end, complicated addition that moves too much mercury too fast.

Give the body what it needs to do its job. Get upper management out of the way (our brains) that are interfering with the workers (our bodies). Give the workers the essentials, and leave them alone.  Let them do their job.  Our bodies know what do with sulfur or potassium when it gets them.  It's when management comes down with this new invention, or protocol, or some new and improved super-bacteria killer thing, and it throws everything into disarray.  

The worst thing we can do is step in and decide to micromanage the process, or hurry it along.


I do not recommend people remove mercury fillings unless they are going to be disciplined in lowering their body burden of mercury.  Metal dental fillings are dangerous in the mouth, they are dangerous when being taken out, and in effect they are REALLY dangerous once they are gone, even years after they are gone.  When the source of our mercury poisoning is gone, our cells and organs can, independent of one another, release their mercury, and they can release it all at once.  This can move a person from being chronically mercury poisoned, "I don't feel so well today.  My arthritis is acting up," to being acutely mercury poisoned very quickly.  Acute mercury poisoning is when a large amount of mercury hits the blood stream all at once, and this can kill a person, giving them a heart attack, aneurysm or some other 911 condition. There is a huge difference between being chronically mercury poisoned, and being acutely mercury poisoned.

Top 7 Mercury-Poisoning Diseases - PubMed Links — Mercury Free Kids

90% of what people claim to move mercury, only redistributes it.  Without sulfur, the mercury just moves around, loosely binding with it, but is is NOT carried out of the body.  Stimulating the immune system of a mercury toxic person with a supplements is a very bad idea.

Going Loopy With Toxins? — Mercury Free Kids

Mercury is incredibly heavy, about 1000 pounds for one cubic foot!  It easily makes and breaks bonds with other elements.  In a human body, mercury naturally bonds to sulfur, but unless the body has enough sulfur to make its own Glutathione or Alpha Lipoic Acid, it makes very loose connections, and in the presence of other sulfur molecules, it will bounce back and forth between them.  Think of mercury in the presence of sulfur as an overly exuberant 600-pound hillbilly at a square dance.  

The Mercury Hillbilly and the Sulfur Square Dance — Mercury Free Kids

Mercury and Your Body As a Priceless Painting

To restore a priceless painting (Your body), the restorer must scrape away layer after layer of varnish (mercury) from the painting (the body) very slowly.  This can take years, because if you try to remove the old varnish, the accumulated gunk all at once the painting would be ruined.  The restorer doesn't pour a bottle of paint remover on the art work to finish the job in a weekend.  They lift away a tiny bit at a time, and every thing they pick up goes right in the garbage..

A Fast But Messy Mercury Cleanup
Let’s say there is an EPA superfund site that’s contaminated with mercury.  This superfund site sits on the outskirts of a little town, and the only way to get there is through the town.

Most of us heroic types want to send in a giant dump truck, haul it out over the weekend, and be done with it.  However the town has lots of little neighborhoods, curved streets, covered bridges, and 5 ton max roads. The town represents our body, or an organ in our body, and the roads are our capillaries, veins, and arteries.  What happens if we send in a 30-ton dump truck to hurry up and get the job done?

It wrecks the roads, bridges, mercury spills into the creek, in the streets, and goes everywhere, making a mess of the entire community, or in our case, the body.

Detox Pathways and A School Crossing Zone - Mercury vs Lyme
Mercury shuts down the detox pathways.  Lyme is like a kid with a ball playing in the street. And that ball may roll down into the sewer line and clog it up, maybe. Mercury is the 20 ton 18 wheeler with the driver slumped over the wheel from a heart attack with a truck full of bowling balls coming through a school crossing zone at 80mph.

Why My Lyme Disease Won't Go Away — Mercury Free Kids

The number one source of mercury posioning for most people is having it implanted into the teeth. 

The symptoms of mercury intoxication are manifold. Patients can present with complaints of numbness, tingling, hearing loss, visual difficulties, gait unsteadiness, and tremulousness, as well as emotional and cognitive difficulties. Obviously, assessing the risk of exposure, which can be acute or long term, is paramount to making a diagnosis.

The sign of an unhealthy alimentary canal is constipation.  There are basic essentials to human life.  Every human, young and old, sick or healthy, needs these essentials.  Constipated and unhealthy people are deficient in them.  When some of these essentials are consumed beyond bowel tolerance (BT),  the body will naturally detox, sending the excess essentials, and some retained toxins, out of the body in the form of diarrhea.  BT is the amount of an essential consumed just before diarrhea occurs.

The Wilking Protocol — Mercury Free Kids


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