The Mercury Hillbilly and the Sulfur Square Dance


Mercury is incredibly heavy, about 1000 pounds for one cubic foot.  A bowling ball made of mercury would weigh about 600lbs.  Mercury easily makes and breaks bonds with other elements.  In the ground mercury is naturally bound to sulfur.  The 8th most common element in the human body is sulfur, and the body uses sulfur to make detox compounds like Glutathione and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, to help detox itself from toxins like mercury. 

If we do not have enough sulfur to be able to make these compounds in abundance, the mercury can make very loose connections to our limited stores of sulfur, and in the presence of other sulfur molecules it will bounce back and forth between them.  Mercury in the presence of sulfur in this regard is a bit like an overly exuberant 600-pound hillbilly at a square dance. 

The hillbilly (mercury) breaks free from partners (sulfur thiols), and the dance routine whenever it wants, especially when it meets ’new’ sulfur molecules.  It literally tromps all over the place, wrecking the joint.  With limited sulfur, not enough to make those detox compounds, the body doesn't have enough of them to control the mobilized m

The more mercury we mobilize, the crazier the square dance gets.  We are literally giving the hillbilly an unlimited amount of partners, and when that hillbilly decides to swing his partner, or dosey-do, or move in another direction, there isn’t anything you or I can do about it.  If we try to stop him, we are going to be stepped on, or knocked up against the wall.

Not understanding the dangers of mercury, many healthcare practitioners recommend sending in more square dancers (something that redistributes mercury.)  They think that more is better, but it’s the exact opposite.  With more square dancers in this situation, we will only end up with a whole bunch more pain and crying, and square dancers with broken arms and legs.

Mercury has 80 electrons, and at most it can only share two of them with other elements when it makes a bond.  Most sulfur/thiols have one sulfur electron available to bond, so there is a very weak bond made with this heavy very heavy element, mercury.  

Having long-term healthy amounts of sulfur in our bodies is essential to our well being.  Sulfur, Glutathione, ALA, can be considered to be the security guards of the event, and they can walk that hillbilly towards the exit door.  However, we have to remember that ALA has a half-life, and mercury is way bigger and tougher than sulfur based molecules.  They can only hold onto mercury tightly, with both electrons for a short period of time before they tire out.  Security needs a lot of staff to move a mercury atom, and a constant supply of its own home made detox molecules, to help escort mercury out the exit door. 



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The Mercury Hillbilly and the Sulfur Square Dance


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