Fancy Pants Diseases and Mercury

The same people that told you it is ok for you to have mercury in your mouth, have given your symptoms of mercury poisoning some fancy name.  The same people that put mercury in your mouth, or inject it into your body, are same ones telling you that you have a 'special' disease.  #FancyPantsDiseases

They call it EBV, acrodynia, Crohn's, CDIF, Lyme, Pylori, Fibromyalgia, Mycoplasma, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gherigs, ALS, Cataracts, Diabetes, CFS and the list goes on and on. 

They shoot 6 pound babies up with neurotoxic vaccines, and when the baby gets permanent debilitating damage, they don't pay the parents anything because they find a "Genetic Flaw" in the baby’s genes.  In court, the lawyers claim the baby would have gotten a horrific fever anyway, and it was just a matter of time until the fever turned the child into a vegetable.  In this particular case they call it "DRAVET SYNDROME".


By removing the mercury from your body very, very slowly, so that you don't kill yourself, the stresses on your body will abate, and your body will heal repair the damage.

Here is an excerpt from this actual Federal Court Docket

The undersigned finds that there is not a preponderance of the evidence showing that Karsen’s injuries were caused or significantly aggravated by his February 19, 2005 vaccinations. Although Karsen’s vaccinations may have caused a low grade fever or otherwise triggered his first seizure on February 20, 2005, neither that initial seizure nor his vaccinations caused or significantly aggravated his Dravet syndrome and resulting neurological complications. Rather, his SCN1A genetic mutation is the sole cause of his injuries. For that reason, the undersigned finds by a preponderance of the evidence that respondent has provided an alternative cause of Karsen’s injuries, and, therefore, petitioners are not entitled to compensation.


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