Wicked Mercury

Oh Wicked Mercury


Dear Mercury Toxic People,

Be forewarned:  You may be running along wonderfully, doing just fine, thinking this protocol is easy.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of mercury storage sites throughout your body; there may be hundreds of millions of them.  You may be feeling great, thinking you’re in the clear, and it all makes perfect sense.  Then all of a sudden your adrenals kick in, or maybe your thyroid is feeling all lovey dovey, and it starts making T3 and T4 hormones in great quantity, more than you’ve felt at one time in 20 years.  Hello chain reaction.  Oh, Hello Again Wicked Mercury!

Maybe this time those essentials you’ve been consuming will wake up your pituitary, commonly called the master gland, since it tells all the other glands what to do.  However, today most of your other glands are in for repairs, bogged down from mercury, and the only cells that hear the pituitary call are the melanocytes, which make melanin when the pituitary sends them MSH. 

Those melanocytes may have been waiting for their marching orders for a long time, and since they heard the call, they intend to follow their orders.  Your body may be a Ferrari, a Fiat, a Tank, or VW Bug, and they have all been told to take you out for a little spin.  They all say in unison, “Its great to be out of the garage.  Let’s see how fast we can go!"  

If your endocrine system does this all at once, without checks and balances in place, literally immeasurable amounts of places in your body can decide, "The coast is clear!  It's a sunny day.  Let’s dump our mercury!"  You can easily go from being Happy Joy Joy to WTF just happened, I want to throw myself under the bus.  You aren't making this up when this happens.  It's real.  It's all too real. 

You may have just exchanged chronic mercury poisoning, "I don't feel so good today. I'm achy.  My eyesight is going.  I'm getting old.  I’m depressed," for acute mercury poisoning.  You may move more mercury at once than you have ever moved before.  In fact, you could move 1000 times more mercury at once than you ever have, 20 years of accumulation, and now you are acutely mercury poisoned.

Acute mercury poisoning can literally give someone a heart attack.  The blood pressure can shoot through the roof, maybe to trying to push the mercury out of your blood stream.  That level of blood pressure can give a person an aneurysm, a stroke, an Ischemic-Reperfusion Injury. 

Your adrenals start going on high alert sending out hundreds of  times more dopamine than you have been getting, and you will have a terrible fight or flight response. 

However, the enemy is invisible.  It would be so much easier to deal with this if there was 100ft tall God From Olympus coming across the Hills like the Jolly Green Giant, smashing villages, houses, and villagers with his hands and feet.  That is real.  You can see it.  You can make a plan to escape.  That's real.  Mercury is invisible, and it changes form at the drop of a hat. 

The problem with mercury is you can't see it.  You were doing everything right, so why do you feel like you are being ripped apart?  Well, you are being ripped apart, literally; you just went from being chronically mercury poisoned to acutely mercury poisoned.

This is why mercury is so incredibly profitable for the healthcare industry.  You can’t see the enemy, and they never say the word ‘MERCURY.’  They are watching you from their crystal ball, like the wicked witch, waiting for you to have a reaction so they can offer you a medicament for your symptoms.  If you know the Wizard of Oz, you may remember the wicked witch sends opiates through the crystal ball to put the overly excited adventurers to sleep.  What wakes them up is the freezing cold, snow.  If you are having a bad reaction, take a cold shower.

The key is to go back down the ladder.  Stop your essentials except for your vitamin C, maybe add in some charcoal, wait until things calm down.  Now you know the parameters.  Next time, a day from now, a week?, don’t go so hard at it.   Cool off, take a cold shower.

Albert Wilking

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I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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