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If you are having a problem with your children not eating the food you want them to eat, take the foods they love away from them until they eat the foods you want them to eat.  They can go for a couple of days without eating if that becomes necessary, but it won't be necessary.  Be stronger willed than your child.

If your child proves to be stronger willed than you, then the next time you go to a grocery store don't put the foods they want you to buy in the shopping cart, put the foods you know you and your family should be eating in the shopping cart.  When you show up at home, say, “This is what we have,  maybe next week we can get some other foods.”

Your child doesn't drive the car, and doesn't pay the bills.  If your child doesn't eat the foods you want them to eat, and you have a problem in the grocery store with your child directing you as to what goes into the grocery cart, don't take your child with you to the grocery store.

If you bring home foods and your child refuses to eat anything but lets say bread and peanut butter. Make it clear to them that if they only eat bread and peanut butter this week, you will eliminate bread and peanut butter for them next week.

If your child eats what you want them to eat, then they can have what you choose for them to have as a supplemental food.

If you want your child to be excited about eating the foods you want them to eat, have them participate with you in preparing, cooking, and serving them.

Albert Wilking

Choosy Children is a companion article on how to guide your "Picky Eater."

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Albert Wilking

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