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Alternate of choice is a typical term used by sales people.  If you want someone to do something, never give him or her a chance to say YES or NO.  Don’t ask a child if the child wants to take a nap, or drink their salty water.  This gives the child an out.

Instead, ask your child,  “Do you want to take your nap now, or later?”  “Do you want your salted water with Apple Juice, or with Cherry Juice.”

In the case of a drink, make 2 drinks with your child.  Make one of them very salty, so it has double the dose of Epsom or SALT or whatever essential you want your child to drink.  Make the other one much less 'salty,' and add some sweetness; some sugar, honey, or apple juice or something like it. 

You try the drinks first.  Then have your child try both drinks.  Then you try them again, and for the less desirable one, make a funny face, or gasp when you taste it.  Be sure to have your children try them all.  You know you are getting it right when they are then satisfied with their own drink, knowing you are getting the short end of the stick, having to drink the left over one.

Have your child help you make the drinks so that they are participating from beginning to end.  Turn it into a game if you can, and a regular routine.

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Picky Eaters is a companion article on how to guide your "Choosy Children"

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