Sulfur and your Skin

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Our skin is made up of layers upon layers of Keratin, and Keratin is made up of Cysteine, and the element that ties all these together is sulfur in the form of the disulfide bond. Look at how many times the word Keratin shows up in  this article, and in layer after layer of skin. The closer to the surface of our skin, the more each layer has been Keratinized. 90% of the epidermis is made of of cells called Keratinocytes.

You need sulfur if you want healthy skin with little or no blemishes. If your body is using its precious sulfur supplies to tie up mercury, or the phenols from pharmaceutical meds, and you aren't getting additional sulfur, your skin is going to be a mess.

Our intestines, skin and joints turn into almost brand new rubber tires when we get enough sulfur.  They become very durable and self-repairing. The rubber on tires is so tight and smooth because of disulfide bonds. When the tire is worn down, weathered and sun beaten, the rubber starts to crack. It looks grey and ugly.  When our skin is weathered and cracking and worn down, we are deficient in sulfur.  When our intestines leak large peptides into the blood stream, and we are reactive to everything, we are deficient in sulfur.  When our joints ache and creak and crack, we are deficient in sulfur.

Do we want a leaking tire that you have to pump up with air 3 times a day, or do you  want one that is ready for the Indy 500?

Your skin may also be a mess if your liver is clogged.  If your Liver is clogged, it doesn't have enough sulfur to detox itself. It puts ups a sign that says, 'CLOSED FOR BUSINESS,' and then starts sending toxins to the kidneys for processing, or to the skin for exfoliation. Extra toxins at the kidneys mean extra stress. Want to feel stressed out?  Send mercury to your kidneys.   

People with a skin/hair problem(s) have liver problems.  Their liver doesn't have the sulfur it needs to function properly. The liver then disperses its load. The skin is loaded with sulfur.  When the mercury (toxins) show up, there goes the skin’s available stores of sulfur, and then come the skin problems.

I recommend the Epsom Flush as the safest way to start raising your levels of sulfur, an essential element.  The 8th most common element in our bodies.          
As always, use caution, move slow, and watch for reactions.

How the outer layers of our skin are Keratinized.

Natural Disulfide Bonds
Vulcanization  is a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials by heating them with sulfur  or other equivalent curatives or accelerators. These additives modify the polymer by forming cross-links (bridges) between individual polymer chains.


I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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