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Until very recently I was big on mercury chelation with ALA, DMSA or DMPS.  I was a chelation fanatic.  I had the words of a certain "chelation guru" all over the Mercury Free Kids pages.  I was also recommending limiting sulfur intake from my own knowledge and experience.  In 2004 I had learned to limit my thiol intake because it was causing me pain and swelling with my chronic Lyme disease.

ALA, DMSA, DMPS are all sulfur based.  The human body cannot detox without sulfur.  In fact, our body’s own homemade detox essentials, glutathione, and alpha-lipoic acid are sulfur based.

Today, Epsom salt is changing my belief system, and my life.  Maybe Mercury Free Kids should be called Kids Loaded Up On Sulfur, because anyone filled up with sulfur, will be protected from mercury.  Sick people are sulfur/sulfate deficient. 


There are enormous sulfur deficiencies in people, and modern healthcare medicaments, phenol based medicines, make us sulfur deficient. 

Autistic children are chronically sulfur deficient.

Practicing 'chelation', to move mercury, by limiting sulfur intake, is a traumatic roller coaster ride for most people.  With enough sulfur/sulfate, our bodies make the exact amount of ALA and Glutathione they need, all day, everyday.

Cutting back thiols may not be a good idea for people who are having regular BM's, and flushing out toxins.  However, I don't recommend anyone increase sulfur intake, from any source, and remain constipated.

Get the sulfate levels up with Magnesium Sulfate, and keep them up, and the body will start making the ALA, or the glutathione it needs to detox mercury, and other metals as it sees fit. Rather than us guessing as to what our body needs, and or trying to force it to do something it doesn't want to do, let’s give our bodies the raw materials they need to do their jobs.

I recommend everyone ingest Magnesium Sulfate, and find the right level for you of it as a daily supplement.  I would do this for at least 60 days, then possibly pursue chelation with a formal chelator if you think you need it.

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