Consumer Products Made From Toxic Waste



The EPA is reclassifying coal fly ash from post industrial use, to post consumer use.  They are saying since coal was burnt up to make us electricity, the consumer can now be given the leftovers, the toxic fly ash, as a recycled product to use in our homes, rather than let the toxic waste just sit there, and perhaps poison a creek. 

Coal Fly Ash Home Products
The concern for me is that the more surface area, the more porous a product, the more likely it is to off gas dangerous chemicals and toxins, especially mercury.  Mercury is an incredibly volatile element, add a lot of surface area to it like in the case of carpet backing, and then add the friction of people walking on it, and we have a real problem.  No one that I have found is measuring how much mercury is being released.

Golf Balls
Park benches made out of composite wood
Composite wood on your deck or favorite seashore boardwalk
Ebonite bowling balls
Snow and ice melt
Vinyl flooring
Plastic utensils and tool handles
Composite kitchen counters
Dog houses
Cattle feeders
Carpet backing


This makes me sick.  There is no governmental protection.  We are seriously in trouble.  These products are going in people's homes.  People are buying these products in Home Depot right now.

This is how they are getting away with putting toxic waste in our household products:

“It is our contention that coal is consumed by the utility (the end consumer of the coal) in the process of production of electricity and that Celceram [Boral’s branded fly ash] is a product that can no longer be used for its intended purpose (i.e., the generation of heat to create steam) and would otherwise be sent to the waste stream.”

“Hmm, industrial waste is now post-consumer recycled content? It is a dubious argument at best.”

This is an article on the history of mercury and other toxins in paint.

“Mercury (phenyl mercuric acetate) has been used as a biocide in paint, but was banned from use in interior latex paint in 1991 and voluntarily withdrawn from exterior latex in 1991. (A biocide generally means any substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, fungi, etc.) Mercury-containing biocides are still allowed in exterior latex paints, but manufacturers are working to reduce or eliminate it.”

“Water based paints are considered the safest to use. Paints manufactured before 1990 may, however, contain mercury, which even at low levels of exposure can cause neurological damage without noticeable symptoms. Small percentages of alcohol solvents and glycol ethers are also found in most water based paints.”

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