Injecting Pregnant Women with Mercury

Most flu shots contain the neurotoxin mercury.  Even the smallest amount of mercury can be toxic.  It is a fact that the toxins of a pregnant mother cross the placenta into the unborn baby.  The disease called Minimata disease is proof that even ingesting small amounts of mercury, in this case methylmercury from fish, can result in fetal abnormalities, including high rates of miscarriage.  The surviving infants of the Minimata disaster had extremely high rates of physical and mental handicaps, as well as physical abnormalities from mercury exposure in the womb. 

The mercury being injected into people in flu shots under the trademarked name Thimerosal, supposedly breaks down into innocuous ethylmercury.  Some mercury scientists declare that ethylmercury is not bioaccumulative.  Beware of claims that mercury in small quantities, or in some altered form, is not dangerous.  Some of you may remember Mercurochrome, that red mercury antiseptic, well it was made illegal in the United States because it poisoned people with mercury.  Thimerosal is now illegal in the Untied States as a topical antiseptic.  If mercury is illegal as topical antiseptic, why would it be safe to bypass the skin, or intestines, the first lines of defense, and inject it into pregnant women?

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