Archetypes, Diet, Diarrhea, Snakes and Death

Most people are deathly scared of getting diarrhea, and this is a natural fear.  Throughout history cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, whatever it is called, has consistently been a leading cause of death.  If we cannot hold water, digest food, and nourish ourselves, we grow sick, and die.  Death from diarrhea is most often caused by dehydration.  The fear of getting diarrhea may be an archetype that's in our subconscious, like a fear of snakes.

In the 1800's, the mercury doctors made their living treating cholera, and dysentery with mercury.  By doing an L-Ascorbate cleanse, you are reversing history, and the psychological damage done to us by Western Healthcare.  Big Pharma plays on our fears of dysentery, and death.  Think of the statement, "Keep your shit together," or "He lost his shit."  These are clear references to the losing of ones bowel content.  Today, most medicines sold over the counter, or in prescription form, have some kind of inhibitor that causes us to retain toxins.

The purpose of doing an L-Ascorbate Cleanse is to fully release the bowels of their contents. Think of a balloon partially filled up with air.  The balloon is filled with all kinds of things, some good for life, some not so good.  By doing a partial cleanse, we don’t fully let the air out of the balloon, but we stir up or toxins.  IN fact, we cause the balloon to fill up with more bad contents because we are stimulating our organs, and cells to release toxins, without anywhere for them to go.  Doing a partial cleanse, will make us sicker, not better.  Doing the full cleanse disposes of toxins, it doesn’t just stir them up.  If we just stir them up, we send them coursing through our body into places we don't want them to go.  We are doing the opposite of what we set out to do.