Understanding Lead Poisoning

The illustration for an ad in the November 1923  National Geographic , one of a series by the National Lead Company.

The illustration for an ad in the November 1923 National Geographic, one of a series by the National Lead Company.

Understanding Lead Poisoning
The current lead poisoning crisis in the Newark public schools, and in Flint, Michigan, proves that we must take responsibility for the welfare of ourselves, our communities, and our families and children.  We can no longer depend upon outside concerns to monitor our well-being.

Mercury 101 explains the sources, science, symptoms, and solutions to heavy metal poisonings in an easy to understand, educational, and fun format.  Mercury 101 only shares knowledge; it does not sell anything and is done as a community service.

The illustration for an ad in the November 1923  National Geographic , one of a series by the National Lead Company.

The illustration for an ad in the November 1923 National Geographic, one of a series by the National Lead Company.

Living beings are dependent upon air, food, and water for their survival.  Metal toxins poison living creatures, especially those with highly evolved nervous systems, and brains, like our own.  We must treat anything interfering with our healthy use of needed life-giving elements as an assault upon life itself.

If our immune systems have been compromised from the lead in our water, and food, additional toxins will only make our immune systems weaker.  Proper testing for toxic metal poisons is of the utmost importance.  Simple blood tests will only reveal acute poisonings; they are inadequate for determining long-term chronic poisonings.

Mercury 101 explains in detail how to recognize toxic metal poisoning in humans, and how lead and other toxins naturally leave the body.  For example, some foods will help excrete toxins, while others will only redistribute them, potentially compromising a person’s health.

Until 1941, Newark hat factories used mercury nitrate in felting hats.  66% of industry deaths were men under the age of 30.  Mercury will remain in the environment until remediated; it does not degrade. 

Epigenetic effects of lead upon mother and unborn child can harm the grandchildren of future generations!

Laws will not be enacted that completely protect us from toxic poisonings until people demand it, and they will not demand it until they fully understand it.

Our communities, our culture, our society, and the next generation of our young people depend upon our actions.  DO NOT LET APATHY RULE. 

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In Flint Michigan, state and local bureaucrats changed the source of the municipal water supply to that of the Flint River.  The acidity of the river water has leached lead, and other toxic chemicals from Flint’s aging water pipes. Residents complained about the brown colored, foul tasting, and smelling water, but these same bureaucrats denied the water was poisoned, and hid their knowledge of it.

Anyone who has ingested Flint Michigan tap water may have long-term health consequences. Many of the developing brains, neurological systems, and organs of Flint Michigan’s children will be permanently altered.

Heavy metals readily accumulate in living organisms, and when they combine with other heavy metals, they can be thousands of times more dangerous. Our healthcare system administers heavy metals like mercury in our teeth, and mercury and aluminum in our vaccines.  Mercury is currently a required dental filling for children and adults receiving social services.  American adults on average have nine mercury fillings, and the mercury in these fillings is NOT inert by any means. 

Mercury is contained in ALL flu vaccines even if it is listed as ‘Thimerosal Free”.  Current law allows the industry to define “Thimerosal Free” as containing less than one microgram of mercury.  That means all flu vaccines can contain up to one microgram of mercury.

Until ALL residents of Flint Michigan receiving healthcare services have had comprehensive testing for heavy metal poisoning, it would be gross negligence for any healthcare professional to administer vaccines, and/or mercury dental implants.