Bringing Back Intuition

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Somewhere along the way we somehow let ourselves believe that our brains are in charge of our bodies. Here are some examples of these types of behaviors. I have to take an exact dose or it won’t work, or I could die. I have to eat a meal. I have to sit here, not move, and watch this TV show right through the end of it, including the credits. I have to keep up with my drinking buddies. I have to smoke a cigarette, well, because I smoke cigarettes, and this is my habit, and I have to keep up appearances. I have to fit in these clothes, etc.

Why do animals live healthy lives, without all these problems we see in modern humans?

Because they don't have a brain to get in the way of their own intuitions. Unless they have been caged up, and begin following unhealthy regimented human behaviors.

Somewhere along the way we began to realize we can make a lot of money off of other people the more we separate them from their intuition.


When we adjust our habits and patterns to ingesting and behaving in ways that support us in our natural environments, our intuition begins to come back on line. Our body and organs begin to send us messages. For example, it tells us to drink water, or eat salt, or eat a vegetable.

In my lifelong struggle of constantly overeating, I have found that my brain is overriding my body. I will hear my stomach say, even after 3 or 4 bites of a meal, that is enough for me. However, my habit is to override that intuition, to tell myself I have to clean my plate, because if I don’t, my host will be shamed. Alternatively, I will be ashamed for not having completed my given task of eating what has been doled out for me.

This lack of intuition can run from eating, to drinking, to overindulging, to believing I have to put myself on some kind of strict regimen, rather than listen to my own internal organs

I would add the Naturules Simple Salve to your daily regimen. It stops the cells from letting stuff hang around, stuff that should be flushed down the toilet. Rather than the cells being flabby, lazy, pools of blah blah (and I do mean blah blah.) It could be excess nutrients, it can be fats, it can be ROS (reactive oxygen species) it might be just water accumulating.

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Castor oil triggers smooth muscle contractions, so it will push the fluids and blah blahs out and away from the cells, even against the force of gravity. That is how lymph flows, against the force of gravity.

For example, any one with allergies, or mold sensitivities, can benefit from the Simple Salve. Smooth muscle sits behind the lining of our sinuses and lungs. When coming in contact with the ricinoleic acid of castor oil, no more of those cells collecting mold or pollen, where the cells are nonreactive, accumulating a bunch of blah blahs, because they can't expand and contract as needed.

Castor oil will also help spread out to the cells our ingested nutrients. When the cells need to take out the garbage, those smooth muscle contractions cause the cells to squeeze out the excess like we would ring the water out of a towel.