Mercury Bathtub

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The body needs sulfur to detox. The key is to take a lot of Epsom at once, not a little bit. I have been working on an analogy of a dirty bathtub. Let's pretend that our body is a bathtub, and that for a normal person, their bathtub fills up, and then it is drained, and this keeps repeating without any problems.

For a mercury toxic person, the mercury begins to clog up the liver and bile. The bile has a 95% uptake, and it is what digests our food. If mercury gets into our livers and bile, and we don't get it out of us, then we begin to clog up, and we drain slower and slower. For many people we believe we need to start adding stuff in to us to fix the problem. So with the dirtied water up to the edges of the tub, we start pouring in essentials, or trying oil of oregano, or juicing, or going keto, but if we don't deal with the clogged up drain, everything we do will only redistribute toxins, and the water gets dirtier and dirtier.

Many of us will have used some kind of medicine from the healthcare system, whether it be prescription meds or OTC (over the counter.) Almost all medicines disrupt our metabolic processes. The pharmaceutical industry often calls them disruptors, blockers, inhibitors, etc. In essence, they are constipators. They plug up the tub more and more. The relief we get from these medicines is that we stop moving mercury around, and/or it balances out a disruption. They are in effect preventing our detoxing of mercury.

Sulfur is the only way mercury is leaving the body. Our body makes the right amount of sulfur based chelators, like glutathione, if we get enough sulfur. However, the same principle applies as above. If we ingest sulfur, but don't open up the drain and clean out the tub, we can have a real serious problem. The mercury in our body can begin to redistribute with nowhere for it to go. The body then goes into a 911 mode, and back into the hands of the HC system I go, wondering why my panic attacks have gone through the roof. Why is my face breaking out? What is causing my neuropathy? Why do I have eczema, why is my eyesight failing, why am I losing my hair? All of these issues may be explained by mercury impinging on our sulfur needs. Those body parts I just mentioned are all very high in sulfur. We need lots of sulfur.

Sulfur is the 8th most common element in our bodies, yet there is no RDI (recommended dietary intake for sulfur.) Take into consideration sulfur is used for detox. The body doesn't use calcium or magnesium for detox, or almost any other recommended nutrient. We use sulfur for it. Now consider that the HC system doesn't implant iron into our bodies for our health, or selenium, or any other trace element, yet we are told we need it for our health. The HC system implants mercury into us, or puts it into our medicines any chance they get. Mercury is a metabolic disruptor, basically the worst one on the planet except for plutonium. The only way we are getting rid of mercury is with sulfur.

If we get small amounts of sulfur, and we have a high body burden of mercury, we are back to a redistribution problem with no outlet for the mercury to leave the body. So if I load up on high sulfur foods (what are called thiols,) then have a bottle of wine (sulfite,) then have a little bit of Epsom, I may be in for a smack down.

The key is take a lot of Epsom at one time to unclog the drain to the dirty bathtub.


Albert Wilking