July 2019 Newsletter

Vanessa shares her salve with Jean at the West Windsor Ice Cream Social. Jean took home a Simple Salve. Be like Jean.

Vanessa shares her salve with Jean at the West Windsor Ice Cream Social. Jean took home a Simple Salve. Be like Jean.

Naturules Pop Quiz
The winner of July's contest is Bethany Ricks!
She correctly answered the question, “Why do humans bounce?”

Disulfide bonds are the reason we are able to bounce, have good joints, bouncy hair, and vibrant beautiful skin. Sulfur is the 8th most common element in the human body.

Bethany reviewed the salve and said, “5 stars! It's so much easier to use with the beeswax in it, great ingenuity there! I absolutely love the simple salve. I use it literally all day. I've used it on insect bites, burns, diaper rash, cuts, eczema, squeaky doors, in my hair (it's the best hair wax I've ever used) I swallow just a bit before bed most nights...not a day has gone by that I haven't used it, and loved it!”

To win a FREE Simple Salve, read on for this month’s contest!

Even More Reviews of the Naturules Simple Salve:
“I had immediate relief from the pain in my feet. They are no longer hurting me.” Sara

“I've been sharing with a friend, who during her pregnancy has developed an eczema skin rash. She has found relief with the Simple Salve.”
Alice from Baltimore

(Alice is getting ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and bets the Salve will work really well in the heat & and dry altitude.)

Recent Events
We love doing them because of the interaction with people, and the immediate results they often feels when being ‘Salved.’

For the weekend of July 15, Albert and Vanessa salved up dozens of people at Kurtstock, an annual semi-private party of about 200 reveler’s held in Woodstock NY.

This past weekend we were thrilled to get our “Salve On” at the Annual Ice Cream Social in East Windsor Connecticut. It takes place at the Historical Society.

We met Jean who has a balance issue, and has found nothing to help it. She is going to try using the salve in an around her face and ears to help ‘balance’ any ongoing issues in her inner ears, the place where we register balance.

We met Clark who told us about the Danbury hat makers (mercury poisoning,) and how their hands would shake when they would pick up their cups and saucers.

Jenny, of Jenny’s Flowers, had her booth next to ours. The salve immediately started softening the skin of her hard working hands. She said she could feel it absorbing.

Jill also started using the salve for her troubled skin.

Research on Castor Oil
Dr Williams has written a very important article to understanding the workings of the lymphatic system, and the benefits of using castor oil. Please note that he mentions using castor oil packs. These can be quite effective, however, Vanessa and I believe the Simple Salve to be superior for ease of use and absorption. The beeswax holds the castor oil in place until the body fully absorbs it.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Williams article:
“The lymphatic system works hand in hand with both the blood circulatory system and the digestive system.
In the circulatory system, newly oxygenated blood from the lungs moves from the heart along smaller and smaller arteries until it reaches the smallest vessels called capillaries. It is in these microscopic tubules that the blood exchanges oxygen and nutrients for cellular waste products with surrounding body cells. The capillaries then gradually become larger and form veins through which the un-oxygenated, waste-carrying blood returns back to the lungs and then to the heart recirculate, time and time again.

Much of the fluid accompanying the blood and large protein molecules leak from these capillaries. Additional fluids and waste products are expelled from every cell in the body. These fluids accumulate in the small spaces between the cells. If all of this material weren’t somehow removed, we would begin to swell like a toad and die within a matter of 24 hours.
Fortunately, the lymphatic system is able to absorb and remove these fluids, proteins and waste materials. With the exception of the brain, where these proteins and fluids flow directly into the fluid that surrounds them, the extensive lymphatic network has hundreds of miles of tubules that cover the entire body. Through these tubules all of this material is returned to the blood so it can be utilized or eliminated from the body. (There is no pathway, other than the lymphatic system, that excess protein molecules can use to return to the circulatory system.)”

I have edited my Castor Care article. Here is an excerpt:
“Castor oil’s long history and varied uses give it the status of an almost supernatural elixir. Castor oil lubricates heavy equipment, and is used as motor oil in the high performance engines of drag-race cars. In western medicine, it is currently used in chemotherapy, HIV medications, antifungals, anti-bacterials, and as artificial tears for the eyes. It can cleanse the liver and gallbladder, eliminate digestive problems, make wound repairs, reduce or eliminate eczema and psoriasis, ameliorate menopause symptoms, soften the skin, and boost the immune system.

Through the ages, castor oil has helped moms’ birth babies millions of times more often than all the other methods combined. If the castor seed is processed for nefarious reasons, it can make a deadly toxin called ricin. How can this one plant do all of these things? How can the castor plant bring so many of us into life, but put in a different form, it can also kill?”

And another excerpt:

“Castor oil was called the Palma Christi, or the “Hand of Christ.” This is not because it looks like the hand of Christ, as many have written, but because castor oil was an anointing oil of the high priests. It was used for baptisms, and for conferring a divine or holy position of office. Why did the ancients believe that they could clear, or enlighten the minds of others, by touching their heads with castor oil?

Here is the article in full:


To win the Salve be the first to answer the following question:

How does castor oil cause the lymph to move through the lymphatic system?

Clue: Read both of the articles listed above.
Please email your answers to MercuryFreeKids@gmail.com

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