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Beware of those claiming to have 'knowledge' about your 'special' genetic mutations.  Everyone has 'special' gene mutations.  Ask yourself, "Is genetic testing feeding my EGO?"  Ask yourself if you are proud that you have 'special' genes.  At first this may not seem to make sense.  After all, who would want to be 'sick?'  Who would want to have gene mutations?  For me personally, one of the most caring remembrances I have of my family growing up was when I was sick.  When I was sick, I got attention.  If I have a label of 'Gene Mutant', does this make me special?  Do I get attention because I have special needs?  I'm not saying that gene mutations do not exist, I'm saying there are way more important parts of the human story than my 'special' genes.

This link gives a tragic story of genetic testing is being used deny payments to families whose young children have been destroyed by the healthcare industry.  It is sad, very sad, but please read:

A good guide for our well being is KISS, "Keep It Simple Stupid." 

If we don't get Oxygen, we die within 10 minutes.  If we don't get Vitamin C, or salt for about 2-3 months we are dead.  Let’s concentrate on the essentials to human life.  Every human needs some basic essentials not only to survive, but to properly function.  If we don't get them in excess, our bodies will limp along, struggling to survive. KISS.

For those with the MTHFR gene, beware of a supposed problem of assimilating folate, or folic acid.  For our survival, for us to function, our microbiomes make folate.  Beware of Genetic Wizards, and the twisted tales they weave.

This article talks about homocysteine, spina bifida and MTHFR.

“...some people have a genetic variant of MTHFR that changes its activity, leaving fewer folates and more homocysteine accumulating in the body.  Folks with this specific variant likely need to consume more folates.”

“The microbiota of the human colon can produce folates, which can then be absorbed into the body through the colon wall.”

“Abnormally high levels of homocysteine in the serum, above 15 µmol/L, are a medical condition called hyperhomocysteinemia.  This has been claimed to be a significant risk factor for the development of a wide range of diseases, including thrombosis, neuropsychiatric illness, and fractures. It is also found to be associated with microalbuminuria which is a strong indicator of the risk of future cardiovascular disease and renal dysfunction.

Additionally, elevated homocysteine is found in megaloblastic anemia.”

Folate is Latin for foliage.  Our body’s 'chosen' bacteria makes food for the rest of our body.  Chosen means that our body chooses the bacteria it needs, not us trying to 'fix' something.

“…folic acid supplementation and foods fortified with folic acid may be largely ineffective in these people.

This could be a big issue if they have a folate deficiency, high homocysteine or are in the early stages of pregnancy and rely on folic acid.

Some suggest that unmetabolized folic acid can bind to folate receptors, effectively blocking access by L-methylfolate. I couldn’t find any studies to confirm this theory though.

Others also say that unmetabolized folic acid in the blood is uniquely harmful, but there’s no evidence of that in the medical literature.  The body is simply getting rid of excess (a good thing), which goes from blood to kidneys, and then out through urine.”

We can see from these articles, we need more greens, not less.  We need more folate, not less.  Eat more greens.

Our body will choose what bacteria it wants to do the job, that is, unless, we keep interfering the process.  For this reason, I generally do not like essential oils, as I see people trying to 'fix things' that just don't need fixing. This includes taking probiotics to get our gut microbiome 'right.'

If we are getting enough salt, we will make the exact amount of HCL we need to digest our food, and this means that probiotics are for the most part worthless. They get chewed up by the HCL.  They never make it to the intestines. So in essence, probiotics are for salt deficient people, and salt deficient people are invariably sick. They are either not able to properly digest their foods, or their white blood cells that make HOCL, hypochloric acid, to fight infections, won't have enough CL to make the right amount of HOCL to fight infections. Our body gets the CL in the HOCL primarily from SALT, NaCL.

Essential oils will kill off pathogens and bacteria, and this includes good bacteria.  This can be deadly for a mercury toxic person.

It is a scorched earth policy to use pathogen killers, or immune boosters.  We are 'sold' that our bodies are bad, or dumb, and that they need to be fixed.  Instead of believing this, and acting on it, we need to give our body what it needs to function, in great supply, and then the body steps up to the plate and hits home runs.  We need to stop micromanaging our bodies.

“Still other antibiotics fight infections by stopping bacteria from producing folic acid — an essential vitamin — or disputing the structure of a bacterium's cell membrane, which controls how substances move in and out of the cell.”

Be wary of any practitioner that is not telling you that you need SALT or Sulfur.  All they have to do is look at the skin, or ask a few questions to know the answer.  Do you have mercury?

You don't need Crystal Ball Genetic Tests.  They are designed to keep you as a paying customer, to keep you in the dark and limit the knowledge imparted to you, so you believe you need them for their 'enlightened' services.

Eat more greens, not less.

Albert Wilking

I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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