The Roman Bath-Extreme


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We have discovered this ancient protocol:
The Calor Maximus Romani Bethsabee
Translated into English:
The Roman Bath-Extreme

1 cup Mag Flakes
1 cup Baking Soda - Arm and Hammer- No Aluminum
2 cups Epsom Salt
2 filled droppers of Lugols 5% iodine. Blocks chlorine and fluoride absorption
2 ounces dried sea weed

Magnesium shoves neurotoxins out of cells; it's not binding with them, it's just bulldozing them out of the cells and mitochondria.  When this happens, the body can have an allergic reaction, not to the magnesium, but to displaced toxins.  Mercury poisons on the way in, and it poisons on the way out.  When a large amount of toxins are moved, the body can have an inflammatory response, or neuropathic response, with electrical pins and needles zinging in the body.  Go slow.  Slow and steady win the race.

From a cup of MgCL, magnesium chloride flakes, in a hot bath, with your pores open, you may literally be getting a 100 times the dose you would from a couple of Mag Oil spritzes on your body.  Don't overdo it.  This is powerful, powerful medicine.

Epsom Salts are MgS, magnesium sulfate, and will not be quickly absorbed into the body.  However, the sulfur in the magnesium sulfate, may cause some mercury movement, but overall the sulfate is much more likely to remain outside the body than the MgCL.

The Baking Soda kills bacteria on the skin.

Gently scrape away exfoliating skin.  Pay particular attention to the bottoms of your feet.  It's amazing how much calloused skin peels away.

Floating ships are encouraged.
Squeak toys
Candles - Bees wax only

Slide down, close your eyes, and put your head under water.
Open your eyes under the water for a trippy eye wash.
Rattling or squeaking noises may be the door ways of your mind opening and closing.
Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery after The Roman Bath-Extreme
Do not pass out in the bath tub, you could drown.

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