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Bacteria, Cancer and Mercury



Don't kill off your anaerobic bacteria until you get the mercury out of your system.  Here's why.

The American Cancer Society has this to say about mercury in dental fillings:

"The American Cancer Society has no formal position on the use of mercury in dental fillings.  We did have a document called Biological Dentistry on our site that discussed the studies and science around mercury fillings, which stated there was no good evidence that dental amalgams cause health problems in most people.  It cited studies that found no link between mercury-containing fillings and the development of cancer and other diseases.

Source: Complete Guide to Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies, 2nd edition, 2009, pp.164-166.”

They did have a document?!!  Holy mackerel!  Congratulations for them. I guess it got buried in the Alternative Cancer Therapy document on pp. 164-165.

I can see the lead scientist now, “Ah, I had the document here somewhere.  Where did that thing go?”

The American Cancer Society has only 3 references to mercury on their entire website.

Here they are:

·      Mercury – The harmful form is found mainly in large, predatory fish.
·      Unintended contamination of food may also result in exposure to chemicals that are a cause of concern and may be related to cancer risk.  Examples include heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury.  These metals may enter the food supply if they build up the food chain, such as from fish, or they may enter through contamination or their natural presence in soil or water.
·       …some types of fish (such as swordfish, tuna, tilefish, shark, and king mackerel) may contain high levels of mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and other pollutants.

I guess fish is the only culprit nowadays.  Could it be anything else?

Here is the American Cancer Society’s statement of mission on form 990:

“To eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from the disease through research, education, advocacy, and service.”

Since The American Cancer Society isn’t spending their $850 million plus yearly budget money finding their mercury documents, what else would they be doing with their time and money?

Maybe their dog ate their homework?

Maybe their dog ate their homework?

We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that he weight of an American crash test dummy has been raised from 167 pounds to 270 pounds.

Why has America become the heaviest society on earth?  The healthcare industry routinely points its finger at our intake of sugar, fat, and/or carbohydrates as the reason people are becoming obese.  I propose to you they are lying, and its predominantly toxic metals that's making us heavy.

An overweight person’s body is simply making fat cells to store the toxins.  It’s actually a healthier alternative to a skinny persons body dumping mercury into their internal organs, and then watching illnesses pop up like Whack-A-Moles.

In living organisms, other than bacteria with mercuric reductase capabilities, mercury is debilitating.

Some bacteria DNA alters it’s form in mercury’s presence to incorporate it into it’s processes, bringing it right into it’s own cell structures.  The classification of these processes is called mercury resistance determinants, or MerR.  This puts mercury into the class of a bacteriostat; mercury prevents the multiplying of bacteria without destroying them.  Mercury is not bacteriocidal.

By adding Hg, MerR twists and bends the DNA of certain bacteria to a conformation suitable for opening and initiation of mRNA synthesis.

Some facultative bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic), and anaerobic bacteria can convert inorganic mercury into methylmercury, which readily bioaccumulates.  Bioaccumulated methylmercury in fish is one of the most easily assimilated forms of mercury.  It’s like a ready made meal, a TV dinner, or junk food, and ready to go!  However, mercury is still at its base root, and bacteria living in our own bodies, in our own mouths, can methylate mercury.

Examples of MerR facultative bacteria that incorporate mercury are Lyme disease spirochetes, syphilis spirochetes, H. Pylori, and candida.  Mercury in the body is opening the door like a Trojan horse for the entrance of undesirable microbiomes.  As a bacteriostatic, mercury has some antibiotic properties, but like other medical antibiotics, it can stop the growth of beneficial bacteria, which repel parasites, and aid in digestion. 

H. Pylori has been found in the gastrointestinal tracts of persons suffering from duodenal ulcers.  The individual who has sugar cravings, cravings for alcohol and chocolate, may simply be controlled by the demands of the anaerobic flora populating their intestines, or elsewhere in their bodies.  “Feed me or I will die.”  If the anaerobic bacteria dies, it releases its stored mercury, and can poison the larger organism, causing a redistribution of the mercury where it can enter into the organs.

H Pylori is often found in psoriasis.  Rather than the body storing bioaccumulated mercury in existing fats, or making additional fat cells to store it, the person’s body is excreting it through the skin.  The H. pylori incorporates the mercury into it’s cells, sloughs off dead matter, thus creating an anaerobic environment where it flourishes.

Myelin sheaths have an abundance of essential fatty acids, some not made by our bodies.  If we aren’t making fat cells to store toxic mercury, and we don’t have bacteria suspending our bioaccumulated mercury, the mercury may be migrating to the fat cells of our myelin sheaths and organs.

Everywhere in official scientific literature we find ridiculous doubts about the effects of mercury and its high state of toxicity.  However, the pharmaceutical industry has mass poisoned before, and they are doing it again.

Any person who has an illness should be surveyed to determine toxic metal exposures.  This includes counting the mercury fillings in the person’s mouth, and asking the patient about vaccinations, consumption of corn syrup, where the person lives, and their occupation.  This is simple, but something the healthcare industry refuses to do.

When a patient walks in the door of a healthcare establishment they need to be thoroughly tested for toxic metals.  This includes blood, stool, urine and hair testing. When they have an operation to remove cancer the tumors need to be tested for toxic metals.  When they apply for a prescription drug, the person first needs to be tested for toxic metals. 

An appendix that is removed needs to be tested for toxic metals.

Currently we see cancer as an invading outside entity, an attacking force.  This is false.

crab enhanced-12358-1409838685-1.jpg

Why is cancer called cancer?  This comes from a Latin definition meaning crab, or crab like.  In cancer, we see finger like projections extending from a central mass, or what looks to be the body of a crab.  What I propose to you is that the cancer is acting as a repository for toxic metals.  The body produces cancerous cell masses, to protect normal cells from mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.  Cancer tendrils reach out and take toxins away from the rest of the body and body organs.  Cancer masses are acting as receptacles for rogue toxic metals.  The body is making the cancer; it is not some alien mass attacking us from outer space.

Cancer cells contain viruses and bacteria because mercury is bacteriostatic.  These organisms are living in coexistence with the mercury.  It’s well known that cancer cells are anaerobic.  Eli Lilly is a big donor to the American Cancer Society.

Anne O. Summer report corroborates what I have stated.

The bacterial mercury transformations. Certain bacteria that colonize the human
gastrointestinal (GI) tract methylate inorganic mercury to form methylmercury, CH3Hg(I). Other
bacteria that colonize the gut ecosystem reduce mercuric ion, Hg(II), to monoatomic elemental
mercury, Hg(0), a form which readily diffuses across the body's membranes into circulation. The
genes for the latter ability are carried on extrachromosomal DNA called plasmids that also carry
genes for resistance to all known antibiotics.

Cancer cells are aneuploidy cells, there is a structural chromosome rearrangement of the genes.  Mercury is an epigenetic!  Why hasn’t the relationship between anaerobes, cancer, and mercury been explored?

The industry standard for cancer treatment is to remove the cancer and then treat the patient with extremely harsh neurotoxins in the form of chemotherapy.  What happens if the body’s repository for toxins has been removed, and we still have sources of toxins like the mercury leaking from dental fillings?  The body has learned to make cancer to hold the toxic metals, and the cancer can vigorously return.  By knocking out toxin storage sites, the body can be at peril because it has no other way to dispose of them.

Johnson and Johnson is a major donor to the American Cancer Society.  The beginnings of Johnson and Johnson’s business were in the distribution of mercury in healthcare; they invented Mercurochrome, a topical antiseptic that was made illegal in the United States.  What’s the problem with Mercurochrome?  It was making people too sick, too fast!  Too bad, J&J was caught in the good ole USA.  J&J still sells Mercurochrome in other parts of the world.

Let’s forget that we have a moral conscience for a minute and consider that for-profit corporations are in the business of making the most money possible for their shareholders.  If the company was doling out some ‘thing’ that was making people come back for other products, wouldn’t they want that ‘thing’ to stay around a little longer?

Voila!  Here comes Tylenol with acetaminophen.  Acetaminophen/Paracetamol is a reductase inhibitor.   Reductase inhibitors won't allow a person’s liver to detoxify!

Different types of Bacterial Infections

Mercury Reductase Bacteria

A great article on the relationship of Lyme Disease and Mercury.


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