Who Is Eli Lilly?

From the late 1800’s through the 1950’s, Eli Lilly marketed baby teething powders with Calomel(mercuric chloride) and other mercury-laden products. 

Many infants who were given these products suffered horribly.  Doctors named the condition Acrodynia, or Pink Disease because of the red rash that develops, particularly turning the hands and feet pink.  Many died from the condition, and many were left with lifelong debilitating conditions.

In fact, so many children died that the American and British governments forbade pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly from advertising direct to consumers.

Eli Lilly has made Thimerosal since 1927.  Thimerosal is used in vaccines and antiseptic ointments, creams, jellies, sprays, nasal sprays, eye drops, and contact lens solutions.

Mercury rarely remains un-bonded to other elements, readily bonding with SH groups (sulfhydryl) in sulfur compounds like amino acids and proteins in the human body.  The bodies immune systems T-cells then attack the newly formed ‘foreign’ substance, creating autoimmunity issues, and resulting in inflammation.  Inflammation in a human will cause the individual to become fearful, anxious, and or depressed.

The one consistent symptom of the mercury poisoned is that they are fearful, anxious, and often times depressed.  Intuitively they know something is wrong, but they know not the source.  They ask their doctor for help and the doctor prescribes an antidepressant like Prozac.  Eli Lilly patented Prozac; their number one selling class of drugs is antidepressants.

Adding to the grief of the poisoned is the "Eli Lilly Rider", a law that was passed as part of the domestic security legislation that was signed into law by then President Bush, that insulated vaccine manufacturers from the liability of the ingredients in their products, including Eli Lilly's Thimerosal.


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