The Healthcare Shuffle

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This is a tale of western healthcare poisoning the people who trust them the most. The ancient greeks called these poisoners Pharmakons. The first act of their three act play is doling out medicines. The second part is when the medicine turns poisonous. The third act is when the person is scapegoated for their condition.

Mercury has been used by allopathic healthcare since Christopher Columbus brought syphillis back to Europe. Historically the mercury was used topically and internally. Currently mercury is used in dental fillings and vaccines, and more recently other toxins have been added to the mix like aluminum. The last thing a human body needs is a neurotoxic burden. However, it's a very profitable industry to dole out poisons as a medicine, and then treat the symptoms of that poisoning.

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Mercury and Genetic (Media) Manipulation

I was recently asked the following question: 

"I'm wondering if you know what specific tests should be done relating to the genetic variation and mercury?"

I wrote back, I don't have an exacting answer on this.  I say do hair, and what is actually being looked for is what doesn't show up, but that's not genetic variation.  A Melisa test checks allergies, and I'm not sure if they specifically test DNA or epigenetic reactions to poisons.  DNA is transferred to offspring, and epigenetic effects are not, but they might too.  It seems unclear to me.  So to clear up this mess a bit, if I was previously poisoned by mercury, I might have an extreme reaction to even the tiniest amount of it.  Like having been sick on redwine or sweets, and the body now finds it revolting, so much so a person could become incapacitated.  This would be different than a person whose body learned to put on fat cells to store poisons.  The heavy set person could turn out to be much healthier.  Fat would be better than dumping it all into the liver.

If our genetic ancestors had been poisoned terribly by mercury, could this allergy be passed down?  I think it can.

However, there's a gag order on mercury. 

The healthcare industry treats the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning with prescription drugs,without every uttering the words ‘heavy metal poisoning.’  Why would they since 99% of their profits come from heavy metal poisoning?

So how do we even know?

Especially when they make up genetic rulings after people have been severely poisoned.

Dravet syndrome is mercury poisoning.  Epilepsy is mercury poisoning.  Be careful of pharma websites or anything espousing info like this:

I'm not saying don't get tested, but I believe that by proactively learning and understanding mercury in its most basic form, and the relationships it forms, we will all be a lot safer.


The unchecked poisoning of the human race must be stopped! & Walgreens has threatened to vaccinate Nevada University Students with known neurotoxins this coming SATURDAY(click for news article) January 2nd, 2016, without first checking recipients for heavy metal poisoning.

I sent the the following to their twitter account @ImmunizeNevada
NO one should administer vaccines containing known neurotoxins without first checking recipients for heavy metal poisoning!

On their Facebook Account I posted and messaged them the following:

LEGAL NOTICE - DO NOT administer a vaccine without first checking recipients for heavy metal poisoning!

Be hereby notified that reasonable care requires that anyone administering, distributing, promoting, or selling a product containing known neurotoxins must first evaluate recipients for current state(s) of physical toxicity, and/or test any and all recipients(s) of these products for allergies to known neurotoxins.

Products may include but are not limited to the following:  Dental amalgams, implants of any kind, antiseptics, topical antiseptics, and vaccines.

Anyone who consciously and voluntarily disregards this testing prior to administering, distributing, promoting, or selling such a product is committing gross negligence. 

NO one should administer vaccines containing known neurotoxins without first checking recipients for heavy metal poisoning!

I also sent the above to their email account at

Please do you part to stop the poisoning of the human race.  Warn to NOT administer vaccines without first testing for heavy metal toxicity. 


Vaccines For Birds and Tylenol

Americans consume about 9 billion broiler chickens annually.  In a recent Avian Flu outbreak, 48 million birds were killed.  If we put this into percentages, this is less than 1/2 of 1% of all chickens in America were killed because of the flu.  Yet the USDA is going to stockpile flu vaccines for the birds even without their own internal approval.  USDA press release

Who is pulling the strings here?

Do we even know what is inside the vaccine?  How can we find this information?  Will the vaccines be injected into the birds? 

The major problem with vaccines is that their ingredients bypass the intestines.  The last thing anyone wants is neurotoxic mercury being shot directly into their bloodstream, or the bloodstream of an animal they're going to be eaten.  The mercury will be distributed throughout the chickens body.  The more chickens we eat, the more toxic mercury we accumulate.

I believe the Tylenol poisoning incident of 1982 was actually done at the Tylenol manufacturing plant, not by a serial-killer lunatic on the loose as described by the media.  It would take very little tampering from a maniacal employee to injure a lot of people when we're talking hundreds of thousands of vaccines being handled everyday.

"In 2011, Scott Bartz, a Johnson & Johnson whistle-blower and former employee, claimed the poisoned Tylenol had actually been tampered with somewhere along the repackaging and distribution links in Tylenol’s supply chain, rather than at retail locations."

New Jersey Children Given Wrong Vaccines

An audit found five South Jersey children were likely given the wrong immunizations during a Salem County-sponsored "Shots for Tots" clinic, health officials said. The most egregious error, officials said, was when a toddler boy was likely given an excessive dose of a cervical cancer vaccine.
The free clinic was operated by the Salem County Health Department at Memorial Hospital of Salem County in Mannington Township, officials said. It has since been shut down.

Officials reviewed 22 patient records during an annual audit and found irregularities with shots given to at least five children between July 2014 and June 2015.
A nurse was fired after officials learned a 2-year-old boy was injected with a high dose of Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine. The child's mother and pediatrician were notified late last month, officials said.

Shots for Tots Clinic: 5 out of 22 Kids Given Wrong Vaccination

[PHI] Shots for Tots Clinic: 5 out of 22 Kids Given Wrong Vaccination 
Several children in South Jersey were given the wrong vaccination shots and now officials are trying to ease parents' concerns. NBC10's Tim Furlong is in Salem County with the latest on the "Shots for Tots" clinic. (Published Monday, Jul 6, 2015)

Health officials are not sure whether the child would suffer negative effects, but said he may be at risk of neurological damage. Shots of the HPV vaccine are given to boys and girls starting at age 9.
The audit also found $20,000 worth of vaccines were not properly refrigerated. The drugs were thrown away.
Mandi Cassidy, the nurse who was fired, told NBC10 Salem County was throwing her under the bus. She insists she didn't make the mistake and resigned before the medical audit was even released. Cassidy claims the County is to blame. 

"I think they not only let down the residents of the county but they let down the nurse that should've been trained properly," she said. Officials say they will pay for the medical monitoring of the five children.