Mercury and Genetic (Media) Manipulation

I was recently asked the following question: 

"I'm wondering if you know what specific tests should be done relating to the genetic variation and mercury?"

I wrote back, I don't have an exacting answer on this.  I say do hair, and what is actually being looked for is what doesn't show up, but that's not genetic variation.  A Melisa test checks allergies, and I'm not sure if they specifically test DNA or epigenetic reactions to poisons.  DNA is transferred to offspring, and epigenetic effects are not, but they might too.  It seems unclear to me.  So to clear up this mess a bit, if I was previously poisoned by mercury, I might have an extreme reaction to even the tiniest amount of it.  Like having been sick on redwine or sweets, and the body now finds it revolting, so much so a person could become incapacitated.  This would be different than a person whose body learned to put on fat cells to store poisons.  The heavy set person could turn out to be much healthier.  Fat would be better than dumping it all into the liver.

If our genetic ancestors had been poisoned terribly by mercury, could this allergy be passed down?  I think it can.

However, there's a gag order on mercury. 

The healthcare industry treats the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning with prescription drugs,without every uttering the words ‘heavy metal poisoning.’  Why would they since 99% of their profits come from heavy metal poisoning?

So how do we even know?

Especially when they make up genetic rulings after people have been severely poisoned.

Dravet syndrome is mercury poisoning.  Epilepsy is mercury poisoning.  Be careful of pharma websites or anything espousing info like this:

I'm not saying don't get tested, but I believe that by proactively learning and understanding mercury in its most basic form, and the relationships it forms, we will all be a lot safer.