Vaccines For Birds and Tylenol

Americans consume about 9 billion broiler chickens annually.  In a recent Avian Flu outbreak, 48 million birds were killed.  If we put this into percentages, this is less than 1/2 of 1% of all chickens in America were killed because of the flu.  Yet the USDA is going to stockpile flu vaccines for the birds even without their own internal approval.  USDA press release

Who is pulling the strings here?

Do we even know what is inside the vaccine?  How can we find this information?  Will the vaccines be injected into the birds? 

The major problem with vaccines is that their ingredients bypass the intestines.  The last thing anyone wants is neurotoxic mercury being shot directly into their bloodstream, or the bloodstream of an animal they're going to be eaten.  The mercury will be distributed throughout the chickens body.  The more chickens we eat, the more toxic mercury we accumulate.

I believe the Tylenol poisoning incident of 1982 was actually done at the Tylenol manufacturing plant, not by a serial-killer lunatic on the loose as described by the media.  It would take very little tampering from a maniacal employee to injure a lot of people when we're talking hundreds of thousands of vaccines being handled everyday.

"In 2011, Scott Bartz, a Johnson & Johnson whistle-blower and former employee, claimed the poisoned Tylenol had actually been tampered with somewhere along the repackaging and distribution links in Tylenol’s supply chain, rather than at retail locations."