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Epsom Flushes may be used for relief of constipation, to reduce a body burden of mercury and other toxins, and to rebuild our body cells, organs and systems.  The ingredients of Epsom Salts, that is Epsom, are magnesium and sulfur in the form of sulfate.  The Epsom Flush is used for constipation, for detox, and for slowly helping our bodies rebuild with the essentials for our well-being.  The sulfur in the Epsom will help to solve the underlying causes of constipation, and not just treat the symptom of it.
Pregnant women should not do a full on Epsom Flush, as contractions caused by laxatives have been implicated in
miscarriage and/or preterm labor.  However, if you avoid contractions, I see no reason a pregnant women cannot use Epsom to achieve loose bowels. 

Incredibly, the Mayo Clinic recommends a product like Colace for constipation during pregnancy.  The active ingredients of Colace:

Docusate Sodium 100mg. Inactive Ingredients: D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C Yellow No. 6, Gelatin, Glycerin, PEG 400, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide.

Nursing women may have concerns about releasing retained toxins through their breast milk.  A baby’s body composition is almost identical to the mother’s, and this includes a body burden of mercury and other toxins.  A baby may need a detox as much, or more than mom needs it.  For concerned mothers, I recommend expressing milk before doing the Epsom Flush.

Do not perform an Epsom Salt Flush until you understand Epsom Salt Basics.


Caregivers should not have a child do an Epsom Flush unless they have personally experienced it multiple times, and fully understand its application. 

As always, check with your doctor to see if an Epsom salt flush is right for you. 

Magnesium sulfate is often called Epsom salts.  The Wilking Protocol uses Epsom salts for the laxative effect of magnesium, and for the detoxifying effect of sulfur.

Most recommended laxatives run through the intestines as if they were a hollow, lifeless tube.  For example, doctors often recommend polyethylene glycol 3350, Miralax, for a clean out.  PEG has NO nutritional benefits or use in a human body.

For anyone who has used, or currently uses products containing paracetamol, also called acetaminophen, their livers may be chronically deficient in sulfur.  Tylenol and other over the counter medications containing acetaminophen can seriously damage the liver by creating acute, and/or chronic deficiencies in glutathione.  Without glutathione, we cannot detox from toxins like mercury, which is injected, implanted, and prescribed to us in mercurial treatments.  Our liver and body will not detox if we do not produce enough sulfur-based glutathione.  Every year in the USA, for overdoses of acetaminophen-containing products, there are more than 75,000 EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS!


From sulfur, our body makes the connective disulfide bonds necessary for healthy intestines, hair, skin, and joints.  Insulin, the peptide hormone produced by the pancreas, requires disulfide bonds. 

An Epsom salt flush provides a large dose of essential raw materials, causing the body to release retained toxins, and excess nutrients.  This allows the body to retain some magnesium and sulfur, vital essentials for our cells and systems, but also prevents the body from redistributing toxins without sending them out the door.  It is very important that you provide an outlet for toxic redistributions.

As an analogy, think of rush hour traffic without any traffic control, and the resulting frustrated drivers and accidents.  The Epsom Flushsends magnesium and sulfur into the system, but also clears out the roadways, before the entrance of the next series of vehicles.  This prevents our bodies from being overwhelmed by getting too much too fast, where the body cannot handle the detox.  A large increase in essentials, and no reduction in traffic, can create unnecessary oxidative stress.  Flushing with magnesium sulfate quickly cleans out the liver and intestines, thus limiting the redistribution of toxins, and preventing the creation of free radicals, making for a safe end effective method of detoxification.

“Disturbances in the normal redox state of cells can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA.  Oxidative stress from oxidative metabolism causes base damage, as well as strand breaks in DNA.”

By flushing the intestines and the liver, the Epsom Flush takes the stress off the rest of the body, especially our other detox systems; the kidneys, lungs and skin.  The flush creates a vacuum, or a void if you will, where the liver once again opens up for business.  Our cells, organs, and systems then find a release of retained toxins won’t just end up redistributing them in a closed system, and instead are safely sent to the cleaned out liver.

By giving your body a single large dose of Epsom, you are acting as the traffic controller.  You have let the traffic, magnesium and sulfate, enter your body in a large dose, a large pulse of traffic, and enough of it so that the body is ‘flush’ with these essentials, and then can let the excess go with a bunch of retained toxins. 

Think of the accidents and the frustrated drivers if they entered a traffic system that was a closed loop, where the large highways (your intestines or other detox pathways) were closed for business, and the traffic (needed nutrients) were all directed through the nearby towns and villages.  Then, after navigating through those streets, the traffic was detoured back to where it started, and had to do it all over again.  The scene would be a travesty, with vehicles wrecked or abandoned, as they ran out of gas or the drivers simply left them behind in frustration.  This is constipation, and it can cause serious mental health and physical problems. 

The root of depression may be a constipation problem caused by mercury, and/or other drugs, often called ‘inhibitors.’


Over time, as you do Epsom Flushes, you will become expert at managing doses, timing, and your results.

During an Epsom Flush, the intestines may be cleared of contents relatively quickly, but there may also be a delayed action.  

The magnesium and sulfur may be drawn from the intestines up through the portal vein into the liver.  This will delay a flush, and I have seen it take as long as 24 hours for results.  However, that is highly unusual, and results are usually seen within 4 to 8 hours.

“The portal vein, or hepatic portal vein, is a blood vessel that carries blood from the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen to the liver.”

There may also be a combination of intestinal clearing, and the delayed clearing of the liver and bile ducts.  This likely occurs when a person initially flushes clear, and then later in the day the flush comes again, with dark or multi-colored evacuations, and sometimes solids.  Many have reported seeing gallstones and mucus, or pathogens like candida and liver flukes.
When the Epsom draws up through the portal vein into the liver, the gallbladder and liver will flush bile, naturally colored green, and/or yellow, and may give the evacuations an unusual coloration.  Bile digests the fats in our foods, but also kills undesirable bacteria.  Our bodies make more than a half-liter of bile a day.  Releases from the bile ducts enter the digestive tract at the duodenum, just below the stomach.

Flushing with Epsom releases old bile with retained toxins from the body.  Looping bile with retained toxins may cause very serious problems.  Think once again of that closed traffic system, and the accidents and frustrated drivers.

Who needs an Epsom Flush?
Anyone with a chronic condition may benefit from an Epsom Flush.  Think of chronic conditions as stagnant conditions, with that closed traffic loop, and no resolution to it.  The eczema or psoriasis is constant, the arthritis flares, the candida is never quite resolved, and Lyme disease turns chronic.

Sulfur is the 8th most common element in the human body, so doing an Epsom Flush is not a one-time thing.  Even though we don’t want to overwhelm our systems with a constant influx of additional essentials, we still need them regularly.  Sick people are deficient in necessary essentials.  Once detox pathways open, once the intestines are again open for business, then more essentials may be ingested, and they may be ingested more often as a matter of routine.  Until that time, it is wise to use caution.

When we breathe in life giving oxygen, we also exhale the by-product of it.  This is why intermittent Epsom Flushes work.  We take in the goodness, and then we release the excess and by products of it.  Practice in with the good, and out with the bad.  Repeat, in with the good, and out with the bad.

Do not take Epsom salts and remain constipated.  Avoid closed loop systems.  You need the release.

Do one Epsom Flush, and that will mitigate resulting responses.  Once responses have stabilized, then again do the Epsom Flush.  You act as traffic control for your own body.  Aim for one Epsom Flush a week, until you can hear what your body is asking for, and until you are fully regular.

Until you have experience doing Epsom Flushes, I do not recommend doing them away from home.  For your first time, stay home, and take the day off.  It will be very difficult for you to determine the timeline of your initial flushes.  As per the reasons given above, you will not know to where the magnesium and sulfur are being directed, nor will you know what they are moving out of your organs. 

Make sure you have a bathroom available.  I have not heard of anyone being incapacitated by a flush, so if you have kids you should be fine, just be clear with them that you may be making ‘runs’ to the toilet. 

A larger single dose may be less likely to make it to the liver, and the excess Epsom will release from the intestines.  Commonly, initial flushes are relatively quick and easy, and then after 4 or 5 of them, delayed flushing may start, as the body begins absorbing the magnesium and sulfur, with the intent of detoxing the liver.

Pre-Epsom Flush
Every human being needs vitamin C in good quantity, every day, preferably twice a day.  It serves everyone to have a body flush with vitamin C.  Make sure you get at least two good servings of vitamin C daily.

For anyone regularly drinking coffee or alcohol, you may be chronically deficient in Thiamine.  Getting Thiamine levels restored may be tricky as retained toxins are released.  Taking a high dose of thiamine before a flush will allow levels to be restored, without creating that previously described closed toxic loop.  http://www.mercuryfreekids.org/mercury101/2018/1/21/thiamine-saves

The night before the flush you may want to take as many as two teaspoons of Epsom in water right before sleep.  This can prepare you to flush first thing in the morning.  There is a possibility you will awake in the middle of the night with the runs.  If this happens, you may treat this as your successful first flush.  There is no reason to take more Epsom to force something. 

Before your flush, and you may do this the night before, you may add in 10 to 50mg of Manganese.  This will help your body make Ariginase, that also makes L-Ornithine.   L-Ornithine plays a part in the Urea Cycle.  It turns ammonia into Urea that will be sent to the kidneys, and that will help take any stress off your liver.


How to Epsom Flush
Use a USP grade Epsom Salts, with directions on the side of the packaging for how to use it as a laxative.  Epsom Salts can commonly be found in grocery stores and pharmacies. 

There is no exact science to an Epsom Flush.  The basic rule is, take more than you need.  This may appear counter-intuitive, but by taking a large dose, the Flush is much more likely to be completed in full, with a good evacuation of toxins and the excess Epsom.

Dosages – Common methods

If necessary, you may add anything you like to mask the taste of the Epsom salts.  Juices of lemon, orange, apple or any other juice is fine.

Taking citric acid in the form of lemon water can be beneficial, and help the flush go more smoothly as the lemon will cause the organs to ‘pucker,’ to tighten up and dump their retained contents/toxins.  Think of how sucking on a lemon causes your mouth to pucker.

Apple juice is great to take with a flush as well.  Apple juice, or Apple Cider Vinegar has malic acid, and malic acid will also cause the organs to pucker.  Malate is part of the citric acid cycle which is a series of chemical reactions which our body uses to release stored energy.  This cycle literally happens billions of times every millisecond in our bodies.


It can take between 1-8 teaspoons of Epsom salt to loosen the bowels enough to flush, depending on the amount of retained toxins, and if there exists a deficiency of essential magnesium and sulfur.  Bodies deficient in them may be inclined to retain the elements

My recommendation is to take 1 teaspoon of Epsom in 12 to16 ounces (300 to 450ml) of water every 15 minutes, up to 8 doses.  You may find that you need less water when approaching the later doses.  In about 2% of the Flushes I have encouraged, and that is in the range of 300-500 people, there have been about 10 people total that have vomited.  It is not completely clear why this happens, except that the person’s body may want to completely remove toxins, and they may be up in the stomach.  Epsom is not pleasant tasting, so it may simply be the ‘disgusting’ factor has added to this as well.

Many people have had better experiences with larger doses initially.  If you choose to do so, you may take 2 teaspoons of Epsom per glass, for up to a maximum of 4 doses.

Here are some other methods for an Epsom Flush:

'To treat constipation with Epsom salt, follow dosage guidelines. For adults and children 12 years old and older, dissolve 2-4 level teaspoons of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water and drink immediately.  For children 6 to 11 years old, dissolve 1-2 level teaspoons of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water and drink immediately.'

Epsom salt usually produces a bowel movement within 30 minutes to six hours.  A dose or two should clear up acute constipation.”

Although many websites have warnings not to give small children Epsom salts, I can find no verified reason as to what is the actual danger.  Instead, Western Healthcare prescribes proven poisons like Miralax.

According to this website:
'For children of above 1 year age, take 1/2 teaspoon in cup of cold water or juice.'

My recommendation is to proceed with caution, and as a caregiver, you should always administer a treatment to yourself first, before doing it with a child.

After the Flush
For those just starting Epsom Flushes, many times the skin on the buttocks and around the anus may grow irritated from the release of retained toxins, and high PH, caustic bile.  Washing will help reduce the burn, as well as applications of coconut oil, olive oil, and/or castor oil.  Many benefit from a product called Willard’s Water.  Use as directed.

Not everyone feels great after a flush, but in my experience I have found people feel better and better after every flush.  Some people feel drained after flushes, and this is quite normal.  Its possible their liver had accumulated quite a bit of toxins, and letting go is traumatic.

For the first Epsom Flush, some people get a good clean out of the liver right away.  As described above, these people may just be cleaning out their intestines with the initial flushes.  For others this may come later, where the body needs more of the Epsom to flush, and there is a delayed flush.

Be wary of taking small amounts of Epsom as a daily dose until you have a full understanding of how it works within your body.

Some people stir up so many toxins during a flush that it is wise for them to take charcoal, to get their bowels to settle down.  One or two grams of charcoal may help.  Keep in mind that for some people charcoal can be constipating, and your body may also be inclined to constipate itself after a flush, basically closing the door so it doesn’t lose any more of the desired magnesium and sulfur.

Vitamin C will move mercury out of the blood stream and into the liver.  Getting a good dose of Vitamin C after an Epsom Flush is recommended. http://www.mercuryfreekids.org/mercury101/2017/12/5/mercury-roundup

Ingesting fats will also help the body stop newly released mercury from redistributing, and it may also cause the organs to continue flushing the bile.
After you have taken your doses of Epsom, and had an initial flush, you may eat, and foods high in fat are recommended.  If after 4-6 hours and you still have not Flushed, then it is wise to eat.  Stay close to the toilet.

Homemade sauerkraut is greatly beneficial to our health.  Sauerkraut was used to prevent scurvy in the golden age of sail.  The curing of the cabbage produces vitamin C!   This is the BEST way to get probiotics, salt and vitamin C together in an all natural from.

You may feed your intestinal microbiome with probiotics after you cleanse.  The best probiotic is your own homemade sauerkraut.  It's incredibly easy to make.  If you do not have your own sauerkraut available, I recommend Bubbies Sauerkraut.  Bubbies is not pasteurized (heated) so it is loaded with probiotics, and is much much better than any expensive probiotic on the market.

Milk products like whey, or yogurt and kefir may be beneficial.

Epsom salts for some people may make their joints and muscles ache.  Lecithin, and the reduced forms of it, Choline/Inositol can help reduce excess sulfur in the body.

Citric Acid
Store bought citric acid, commonly found in the baking aisle of the grocery store, is commonly made with aspergillus fungus.  For a person with a mold sensitivity, they may want to use lemon or lime rather than a food grade citric acid.   I recommend you use lemon. 

Some people may have a reaction to citric acid.  Our bodies use a process called citric acid cycle.  If we have a compromised citric acid cycle, we can get stuck, where our body can end up using some other much less efficient system for our energy, a system like Glycolysis, where we have a constant malaise, never having enough energy.



If you choose to add a powdered citric acid, try and make sure it is NOT from a company that has anything to do with Coca-Cola.  In the Good Ole USA 20% of our Citric Acid is made by Coca-Cola owned subsidiaries using a mercuric-chloride process.  Their form of Citric Acid may have mercury in it! http://www.mercuryfreekids.org/mercury101/2016/8/3/the-mercury-in-corn-syrup

The idea of letting go can be quite scary for people.  Historically, diarrhea in the form of cholera or dysentery could mean death.  I believe that fear of diarrhea may be an archetype, like an innate fear of snakes. 

This is not an intuitive process.  We have been taught to hold onto our ‘stuff.’  How many times have you heard the saying, “Keep your shit together.”

I have never ever heard of anyone having any sort of a problem with gallstones using my protocol.  Many people have reported seeing all kinds of contents including liver flukes, parasites, candida globules, black and white seed like things, squid looking oddities, and floating gallstones.

In the words of the famous ogre SHREK, “Better out than in I always say.”

More on Bile Ducts
“Blockage of the bile duct by gallstones… (or any number of  other reasons) …prevents the bile from being transported to the intestines.  Instead, the active ingredient in the bile (bilirubin), accumulates in the blood. This condition can result in jaundice, where the skin and eyes become yellow.  It can also cause severe itchiness from the bilirubin deposited in the tissues.  In certain types of jaundice, the urine will be noticeably darker, and the stools will be much paler than usual.  This may be caused by the bilirubin going into the bloodstream and being filtered by the kidneys into the urine, instead of some being lost in the stools…”

Epsom Flush Summary
Don’t get caught up in the details.  All you need to do the flush is a couple of glasses of water, and a few ounces of Epsom Salts, and off you go.  You will do fine.  Don’t worry.

Good luck with your flush, let us know how you do.

Albert Wilking

I want to thank all the members of the Wilking Protocol Group for their contributions and research.  Special thanks go out to the moderators and administrators of the group, that have helped make the group a safe place to research and recover.  

Vanessa Wilking
Dejean O’Bryan
Maree Kratzer
Ann Gunn
Mark Paulson
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Thank you!

Special mention to Maree Kratzer, who kept after me about getting this post done!

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I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

Albert Wilking

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