Potassium and SALT - Chicken or the Egg?


This post addresses the problem of getting the ‘science’ down for The Wilking Protocol essentials to human life.  Which essential should we use first?  How much?  In answer to these questions, there is NO silver bullet,  one size fits all solution.  There is NO set answer for everyone.  This is how so many people have come to be poisoned today in our super modern, super Sci-Fi Western Healthcare ruled world.  "When we say, "Hurry up, give me the answer, just give me the solution, I want to get on with my life," we are in effect turning over our power to the healthcare system, or to any system or individual, to act upon us as they please.  #ChickenOrTheEgg

In the Wilking Protocol, we do intestinal Flushes and Cleanses, and they involve going over Bowel Tolerance (BT) to get diarrhea.  In the Wilking Protocol Facebook group, when I have brought up the concept of a Niacin Flush, people have asked, “How much does it take you to go over BT?  How often should a Niacin Flush be done?”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/wilking/

My main concern is I want the people feeling better, getting things right; I don’t want them hurting themselves.  A Niacin Flush has nothing to do with BT; it is about Flushing the skin.  However, people joining our group are sick, and many of them want to feel better fast.  It's easy to make mistakes when we are in a rush, especially if we don't feel well, and if this wasn't complicated enough.

Taking Niacin without the accompanying B vitamins will throw the body out of whack.  We want to find general guidelines, rather than hard fast rules.  Nowhere in this Mercola article does it discuss getting a balanced amount of B vitamins when doing a Niacin Flush.  Let caution be our guide.

It can be very difficult with reactions and counter reactions to supplements.  How can a person determine whether the reaction to an essential, is a good reaction, a bad reaction, or is it too much of a good reaction?

What about Potassium in relation to SALT, and vitamin C?  Forget Vitamin C for the moment; let’s even forget it's relationship with SALT.  Let's just address the relationship of Potassium and our own bodies.

The FDA does not allow more than 99mg of Potassium to be sold in a supplement.  They tell us that we get the amount we need from food, and that we can die if we get too much.  I believed this.  However, when we are doing intestinal cleanses, we are flushing out toxins, and essentials, and this drives down our Potassium levels.  Perque, a quality name brand of L-Ascorbate recommended by The Wilking Protocol, follows the FDA guidelines of 99mg of Potassium per serving, which comes to 198mg per teaspoon.  We’ve had people swelling up on Perque.  Is it possible this is coming from a loss of PotassiumC-Salts, another of our recommended brand of L-Ascorbates, has 365mg of K per teaspoon.  Are people swelling up more on the Perque, because it has half the Potassium of C-Salts, and thus there is a greater loss of Potassium?

It’s clear that we need to add Potassium to the Wilking Protocol.  How to do it?  If someone was to confuse the Buffered L-Ascorbate cleanse, http://www.mercuryfreekids.org/mercury101/2016/3/19/mercury-dump,
and substitute Potassium Citrate, they could have a problem.  In our Facebook group, sometimes we have had people confuse the Salt and the Buffered L-Ascorbate protocols.

Potassium Citrate in powder form has 448 mg per ¼ teaspoon, that’s just under 1800 mg per teaspoon.  If a person mistakenly attempts to cleanse with Potassium Citrate, following the Buffered L-Ascorbate guidelines, within 2 hours they could potentially consume more than 21,600 mg of Potassium.  That’s a very dangerous level.  In comparison, Cream of Tartar only has 495 mg of Potassium per teaspoon, another example of how someone could potentially make a mistake, with it being only one quarter of the dose of Potassium.

We don’t know very well how people react to Cream of Tartar as a supplement.  There is some concern as to whether tartaric acid might cause a candida flare.  Some autistic kids show a very high amount of tartaric acid in their urine.  Tartaric acid is the leftovers of a fermentation process, one that may be taking place in their gut.  By our adding in Cream of Tartar as a Potassium source, which has tartaric acid, could that cause a flare as well? 

This article states that a magnesium deficiency should be resolved before attempting to rectify a Potassium deficiency.
When concomitant hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia exist, the magnesium deficiency should be corrected first; other wise, full repletion of the potassium deficit is difficult to achieve.

The Wilking Protocol does need a general list, a family tree of what supplements to use, and when to use them.  But we also don’t want to lose the intuitive element when we come up with general guidelines.  Perhaps, like the Perque L-Ascorbate cleanse ,1/2 tsp for a healthy person, 1 tsp for a person in medium health, and 2 tsp for a sick person, we will have a similar protocol, maybe something like this:

Healthiest person - Salt flush first – This person can handle a maximum toxin release
Medium health -  A vitamin C flush, then followed by the Salt Flush
Sick person -  A Potassium cleanse?  Which form of Potassium?  What is the dosing?
Very sick person - Mag citrate, Milk of Magnesia, or maybe even an Epsom salt flush, where very little of the element is absorbed. 

Why are there ZERO FB groups extolling the virtues of Potassium?  Is it truly dangerous, and that’s why there are no more than 99mg doses, or is it just another misinformation campaign?  Does the health care industry throw down on people that use or recommend Potassium?

With The Wilking Protocol, we are finding our way, our gut intuitions on how to add essential nutrients to our lives, we experiment, we ask tough questions of ourselves, and we learn, but most of all we take our time.

If you are using The Wilking Protocol, you need to supplement with Potassium.  Almost everyone using the protocol has some neurotoxic accumulation, like mercury, so trying to get enough Potassium from the diet alone will not be enough for a sustained therapeutic detox.  With the protocol's consistent cleanses and flushes, we need therapeutic doses of Potassium.

Albert Wilking

This is the Mercury Free Kids 1st article of a two part series on Potassium.

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I recommend products that are natural to our well-being, and only ones that can be found in the grocery or health food store.  Everything I recommend I do myself.  Everything I do is on my website, and everyone can use my site to get back to feeling great, naturally.  However, some people can be very deep in the woods, allergic to just about everything, while suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.  Helping people naturally, takes time, patience, attention to detail, and experience.

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