The Zika For-Profit Scam

Zika is a For-Profit fraud controlled by pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Women who's babies are born with microcephaly already have Guillian-Barre syndrome. Who has the Guillian-Barre syndrome?  People who are mercury toxic and those who have gotten the flu shot.  Most flu shots contain mercury.

Brazil has a very high vaccination rate.

Do vaccines cause autism?  This is a must see video.

Most microcephaly cases are appearing in the northeast of Brazil, where the Rio Doce river disaster took place in November 2015, dumping 300 years worth of mining waste into the Rio Doce that flows 250 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. It has also been claimed by Brazilian doctors that the larvicide Pyriproxyfen, made by Japan's Sumitomo Chemical, is responsible for microcephaly.

The case for mercury poisoning at the root cause of microcephaly cannot be discounted.  Japan's Minimata disaster was responsible for huge numbers of microcephaly.