Amalgam Positive Reviews? Where are they?

When I search for positive commentary on the benefits of mercury amalgams I find none.  I only find the pro-amalgam factions disputing the anti-amalgams claims that mercury is dangerous to have implanted or injected into the human body.  Nowhere do I find any claims or scientific studies that mercury implantation or injection is beneficial

The pro-mercury faction simply says amalgam and thimerasol is safe.  They never provide the data proving it's safety, they just call people names that say mercury is an unhealthy poison.
Quack. Quacks, Quackery, brave maverick doctor.

Here is an excerpt from a science blog writer that calls himself Orac.

Similarly, there is no evidence that mercury-containing amalgams used in dental fillings is dangerous. It’s been used for a long time, and has an excellent safety record. It’s inexpensive, and versatile, and substitutes are more expensive and don’t have the same long track record of safety. Yet Adams spends paragraphs ranting about amalgams, using in essence an argument from incredulity that says that because Adams can’t conceive of how mercury in different forms could be safe, as in amalgams, or how mercury at low enough doses can also be safe. The concept of how elements can behave differently depending upon the chemical compounds with which they’re compounded is alien to Adams. To him, heavy metals are always toxic, no matter how low the dose.

So Orac, where is this excellent safety record you speak of for Amalgam fillings?

So Orac, where is the track record of safety of mercury fillings?

So Orac, when are heavy metals non-toxic?

Here is Oracs post: