Be Wary of Mainstream 'Scientific' Lies

Be extremely careful of the lies of sources like Wikipedia.

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Dietary sources:

Because methylmercury is formed in aquatic systems and because it is not readily eliminated from organisms it is biomagnified in aquatic food chains from bacteria, to plankton, through macroinvertebrates, to herbivorous fish and to piscivorous (fish-eating) fish.[8] At each step in the food chain, the concentration of methylmercury in the organism increases. The concentration of methylmercury in the top level aquatic predators can reach a level a million times higher than the level in the water.[8] This is because methylmercury has a half-life of about 72 days in aquatic organisms resulting in its bioaccumulation within these food chains. Organisms, including humans,[9] fish-eating birds, and fish-eating mammals such as otters and whales that consume fish from the top of the aquatic food chain receive the methylmercury that has accumulated through this process.[8] Fish and other aquatic species are the only significant source of human methylmercury exposure.[8] 

This last statement is false.

The problem with Mercury is that it binds with just about anything and everything and can easily change forms. This is why it's so dangerous. When a school has a broken thermometer they have to close it and scrub everything down. Otherwise it will come right off the walls where it's landed looking for a better binder and that tends to be sulfur based organsims.  It enters through the skin and when it finds materials with stronger bonds it changes forms.   If it comes in contact with the right kinds of bacteria inside the body it switches to the most deadly kind of mercury, methyl mercury.  


Heroic Medicine Is Here To Stay

The major issue with mercury is that it is bioaccumulative, also called biomagnification. It does not stay in the blood for long and will settle in what appears to be the genetically weak parts of an organism. For some that's the pancreas(diabetes), for others it can be the brain(CFS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, autism), nerve cell endings(multiple sclerosis), and the bowels(Crohn's disease, IBS).

The health industry is now saying mercury poisoning comes from fish. So let's say this is mostly true. What happens when the person gets a huge dose of mercury from a flu shot when they are already toxic? The health industry now recommends flu shots for people every year! Eli Lilly is lobbying to have everyone get their shots. Why would they do that?

The trillion-dollar-pharmaceutical industry lobbies governments for laws requiring vaccinations. Claiming a need for safety, their corporations add preservatives like mercury-laden Thimerosal. These same companies then sell drugs that only treat the symptoms of mercury poisoning, claiming they know not the underlying cause of diseases, as the now suffering-vaccine recipients become lifelong customers.

Jeremy Piven and Bioaccumulative Mercury

Jeremy Piven was eating tons of sushi.  Brain Fog is one of the symptoms of Mercury Poisoning.  Maybe this affected his ability to make a decision on doing the play.

Let's analyze a web page by a Dr Lam regarding Brain Fog.  Much of what he says I believe to be true, but there are errors.  Here is a link to his web page.

Here I have cut and pasted two subjects of concern.

Viral infections
Viral infections affect the brain by excreting toxins into the bloodstream.  This results in the depletion of certain nutrients essential to the brain.  Viral titer may be normal, but a sensitive person can be affected.  Such stealth viruses that can directly or indirectly affect the brain include Hepatitis C, Herpes, human papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr, and cytomegalovirus, among others. Infected teeth or gums can also release toxins.  Lyme disease as well as H. Pylori infections also frequently trigger brain fog.  Not to be forgotten is a chronic low-grade infection that may arise from poorly done dental root canal work.

Most fresh fish worldwide has some level of mercury. Pregnant women and children are usually advised to be cautious about the amount they consume. Those living near coastal regions are particularly vulnerable. Those who consume a diet that includes fish more than twice per week, may over time, build up a toxic level of mercury in their bodies.  The EPA recommends that women, children and the elderly or those with health concerns avoid eating swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel because they traditionally contain higher levels of mercury.  The EPA does recommend limiting your consumption of these fishes to two meals per week. They also advise checking local authorities about the mercury levels in fish caught in area lakes and ponds before eating any freshly caught fish.   

Another common source of overlooked mercury is dental fillings.  A biological dentist is needed for proper removal in these cases if the body is ready. Over zealous removal of mercury fillings can trigger brain fog as mercury released from the oral cavity travels to the central nervous system.  Mercury is a neurotoxin. Excessive build up can lead to numerous neurological symptoms including memory loss, tingling, and brain fog, among others. Fortunately, mercury levels in the body can easily be tested by blood test.  FALSE!  MERCURY LEVELS CAN NOT EASILY BE ANALYZED WITH A BLOOD TEST.  

Mercury does not 'float around' in the blood stream.  It will bind with sulfur and bury itself into the fatty cells of a living being.  Thus, an individual who poorly expels mercury may be extremely mercury toxic but have very low levels of mercury in the blood stream.

Linda Evangelista Mercury Poisoned!

Linda Evangelista suffers from Mercury Poisoning.  She has been led to believe it is entirely caused by a diet of fish.

She says, "I can't eat fish for the moment because I have mercury poisoning.
I have high levels of mercury in my blood so they told me not to eat any

more fish."

I hope she has her fake silver amalgams with 50% mercury removed immeidately.

What the EPA does NOT tell you about Mercury Poisoning

I have taken a screen shot of their intro as of May 15, 2015, because it is such an incredible fabrication.

How People are Exposed to Mercury

Mercury exists in various forms, and people are exposed to each in different ways. The most common way people in the U.S. are exposed to mercury is by eating fish containing methylmercury. Other exposures may result from using or breaking products containing mercury.
If you are concerned for your health or your family's as a result of exposure to mercury, get in touch with your health care provider. They will be able to tell you if mercury exposure is a problem for you and what to do about it.

Only as an anecdote does their page mention amalgam fillings.  Amalgam fillings poison a person that has them every second of every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for their entire lifetime.