Notes From the Magic Microbiome

Here are my notes from The Magic Microbiome.

We set up as a round table discussion initially and found out what everyone needed to know.  The krewe, Karen, Nick, Marge, Vanessa and myself are really getting to know our material.

We easily covered 3 hours! 

Watch your sulfur intake if you have any kind of joint pain or stiffness.  One way to find out if you are retaining sulfur is to take a couple of PABA or Choline/Inositols.  They are related to the B vitamins.  If your next number 2 smells like ‘the rotten eggs of hell’, you know are letting go of some of your retained sulfur.

Let go of your toxins by doing an ascorbate cleanse.  I can’t stress this enough.  The high vitamin C won’t hurt you.

Learn what foods have the most sulfur(thiols) and avoid them if you’re having weird symptoms.

Low Sulfur foods

Don’t take ALA without having done rounds of either DMPS or DMSA.

Start on a low dose DMPS every 8 hours.

Never take chelators with Amalgams in place.

Chronic fatigue syndrome after plane travel.  It may be that it’s harder for a mercury toxic person to recover because of mercury depriving the cells of needed oxygen for cell deprivation.

If you’re craving a drink at the end of the day it may be the anaerobic bacteria demanding you feed it sugar.  This link is chock full of info.

Do you seem to have excess plaque on your teeth?  Try an all natural neem stick.  For millennia humans have used it for good oral hygiene.