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My name is Albert Wilking, and I teach people how to use the building blocks of life for detox, and reconnecting to their lust for life.

In 2015, after researching mercury poisoning for several years, and recovering from it myself, I started MercuryFreeKids.org, with a mission of having all children mercury free by year 2020.  I wrote and lectured about the debilitating, and sometimes-deadly effects of mercury poisoning.  I also realized that there were serious problems with existing mercury detox methods.  With an unhealthy gut microbiome, many people are attempting to detox, redistributing toxins, and seriously injuring themselves in the process.

By late 2016, I had developed the basics of The Wilking Protocol.  The mission of The Wilking Protocol teaches others to safely detox, while recovering their gut microbiome in the process. The Wilking Protocol basic building blocks of human life are Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), salt, potassium, and vitamin C.  Articles I have written supporting the importance of these essentials are:
Epsom Salts - Holy Grail of Healing

Salt Is Life

Potassium Truth

Vitamin C or Your Life

Detoxing from mercury and other toxins is a complicated affair, because there can be many adverse reactions caused by their displacement.  I have a saying, ‘Mercury poisons on the way in, and it poisons on the way out.’

Mercury Heroes

In February 2017, I started a Facebook group, and the group has grown to more than 1700 members.  It is a supportive and nurturing community based on trust, and using the essential nutrients to human life.  It’s an interactive group and think tank, where people proactively gain control of their own well-being, and help each other feel better in the process

Adults, children, and parents in The Wilking Protocol Facebook group are feeling and seeing great improvements in their gut-brain connection, by detoxing and recovering their gut microbiomes.

Moderating the group is a full time job.  We need financial support to continue with our mission.  Other avenues of income are also developing.  A nutritionist has just started an on line store that sells the essentials needed for the Wilking Protocol.  I am also helping people detox through private consulting.  https://www.thewilkingprotocol.com/

The Wilking Protocol Facebook group is a microcosm of what can happen in our world in a much larger way, but I need the support of people like you.  Whether it be financial support, helping spread the word, or even encouraging your friends and neighbors to join, every little bit helps.