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The Power of Iodine

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Iodine is the Architect plan for our body, and the most essential element for a developing baby.
The best way for a baby to get iodine is from mom's breast milk.  #PowerOfIodine 

Humans come from the sea, and when we are disconnected from the ocean, sickness is sure to follow.  There is a lot of misinformation about Iodine harming people.  It is simply NOT true. However, iodine is a tool, and to use a tool properly it's important to know how it works.  You don't want to run a lawnmower barefoot. 

Iodine moves toxins, and when we move any toxins around inside our body, it's extremely important that our detox pathways are open.  The toxins need to be dispelled, and not just redistributed.  To jump start your system, and get the bowels running properly, dump your current poisonous load of bile with the Buffered L-Ascorbate Cleanse.

Apoptosis is programmed cell death.  Iodine orders cells to die when it’s time for them to go.  The developing baby in the womb has webbed fingers and toes, until iodine steps in and orders this webbing to disintegrate.  Iodine stimulates dormant hair follicles, and replaces old scars with new skin.

Bacteria – Iodine kills single celled bacteria on contact.  It destroys topical fungus.  Iodine can be applied topically or taken internally with liquid.

Disinfectant – Iodine disinfects dirty water at 20 drops per gallon.

Radiation – When we are filled up with iodine, our thyroids will be safe from radiation.  We are much less likely to be poisoned by heavy metals or halogens if we have sufficient iodine in our systems, because those heavy metals can not sit down on iodine receptor sites if iodine is already there

Iodized Salt
Iodine comes from the sea, and not from glacial waters.  In the middle ages entire villages of cretins were being discovered in the Swiss Alps.  In the 1920's, 50% of the children in Ohio had goiters, a visible swelling of the thyroid gland in their necks.  This is the reason iodized salt was introduced in 1926 as a healthcare intervention.  However, the U.S. RDA of 150mcg is just barely enough to prevent us from having a visible goiter.  150mcg is the amount of iodine we need to stay alive.  150mcg of iodine prevents us from being visibly sick, but allows the healthcare industry to continue profiting by treating iodine deficiencies.

If you want to protect yourself and your family and friends from heavy metal poisoning, load yourself up with iodine.  Iodine makes the longest bonds known to man. 
Thyroid - 70% of the weight of a thyroid hormone is iodine.  The number 3 in T3, and the number 4 in T4 hormones represent the number of iodine molecules!  Thyroid hormones are the directions for our metabolic processes.  Without iodine thereis no management of our body.

Master Planner
I like using the metaphor of our bodies as a brick building.  Calcium and iron would represent the bricks in the building.  Most of us have plenty of those elements.  However, without mortar between the bricks, the building will be crumbly, and unstable.  Magnesium is the mortar between those bricks, it gives our bones strength and is the element our mitochondria powerhouses need to run their functions.  Iodine is the architects plans for the building, and the manager of our processes.   It determines where the walls go, when the garbage goes out, and what goes in the rooms.  Without iodine, your body's maintenance staff is out to lunch, or worse, out on strike.

Keep a bottle of Lugol's Iodine available for emergencies, the healthcare industry does. 
The healthcare system has dream like sci-fi capabilities when it comes to emergency treatments and repairs..  They are incredible at setting bones, replacing organs, growing skin, and putting on artificial limbs.  In the emergency room they use iodine as an antiseptic, and magnesium to calm the heart and body of heart attack victims.  Iodine and magnesium are essential elements. 

Iodine and magnesium are NOT drugs.
  The healthcare industry does not make money using these elements, they use them because they work.

When they send us home from the emergency room, that's when we are sold ineffective, for-profit, pharmaceutical drugs.  The root of the word pharmaceutical comes from the ancient Greek word Pharmakon, which means poisoner.  See Medicine as Poison.

Seaweed does not have radiation, and is NOT toxic with heavy metals.  The ancient Greeks treated goiters with seaweed wraps.  Seaweed is loaded with iodine.
The First Nations people of the Pacific Coast of North America carried a fish named Oolichan over the Rocky Mountains into the landlocked interior for more than 6000 years.  Our ancestors all over the world knew their brethren needed this fish, they may not have known the fish was loaded with Iodine, but they knew it was keeping them alive. 

The Greeks and Romans traded pickled fish called Garum.  This was a huge industry, and kept their legions fortified inside the landlocked states

Has one of the lowest incidences in the world of cancers of the thyroid, ovaries and prostate.  It is estimated by some that the average Japanese has 13.5 mg of daily iodine, this is almost 90 times the U.S. RDA of 150mcg.  The average Japanese person eats seaweed every day.

Lugol's Iodine
In addition to eating seaweed, and small ocean fish like anchovies and sardines, I recommend supplementing with Lugol's Iodine.  It's the same formula for the past 190 years.  Lugol's is a formula, not a brand name,  There are many makes of the Lugol's formula that can be found on line.  I recommend the Lugol's 5% formula.

Salt Loading Protocol
When supplementing with Lugol's Iodine, it's important that you use this salt loading protocol to help carry toxin out of your body, and out of your kidneys.

1/4 teaspoon* unrefined salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then followed immediately with 12-16 oz pure water. Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins. ... Perform the salt loading protocol when you are experiencing issues with iodine supplementation.

Selenium and iodine work hand in hand.  There are claims that not having enough selenium can cause goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Essential Nutrients
Make sure you are getting the other essential minerals and nutrients your body needs.
The Building Blocks of Life

This can not be said enough.  Iodine moves toxins, and when we move any toxins around inside our body, it's extremely important that our detox pathways are open.  The toxins need to be dispelled, and not just redistributed.  The bowels need to be running properly, dumping our current load of toxins before we start moving more.   

Written by Albert Wilking



Mercury Heroes
We can sometimes take a small dose of iodine the first couple of days starting out, feel great, decide to up the dose too quickly and then by day three or four feel like, WOW, where did that bus come from? 

Aside from starting low and going up slowly, the next best and critical thing we can do to get through halogen detox symptoms smoothly on our way to achieving iodine total body sufficiency would be to make sure we are sticking to taking the iodine companion nutrients everyday, SELENIUM and the B VITAMINS.

This is a great in depth article on iodine:

A good but dense article about Iodine is from the Weston Price Foundation.

This is a good article from Dr Sircus about Iodine

Watch out for the symptoms of bromine detoxification when taking iodine.  It scares many people off because they think iodine is causing the symptoms, but it’s displacement of other neurotoxins.  Dr. Brownstein discusses this here:

A very common symptom is to develop a bromide rash as the bromine leaves the body.  Bromine is not just stored in the thyroid, it can be stored in other organs including the kidneys, lymph system and sweat glands.  Bromine is still a main ingredient in most cold medicines.  It’s listed as HBr.  Also, Alka-Seltzer was at one time called Bromo-Seltzer.

Dr Sircus goes into detail about Iodine Phobia and Salt here:

The story of a Roman ship loaded with Garum.

Grease trails over the Rocky Mountains

Grease trail images.  The Oolichan was also known as the Hooligan.

This is a good article on how Iodine cleans the neurotoxins out of the body.


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