The push is on for everyone to get the flu vaccine.  Unfortunately, the drug companies would prefer caregivers, parents, patients, and healthcare professionals remain unaware of some important information.

Quality Control:
If the bumper falls off your car, you have a legal right to pursue the auto manufacturer, you have evidence.  Have you ever thought about the quality control of injected vaccines?  If the vaccine is substandard, or even poisonous to you, can you prove it?  Here is a report on the failings of vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, there are at least 25 violations.

Long Term Health Consequences:
The statistics and science both show that there can be long term health consequences of vaccine injections, whether aluminum, mercury, or Novartis’s newly fast tracked Fluad withMF59-Squalene, to which many attribute our Veterans Gulf-War Syndrome.  http://www.naturalnews.com/042241_Gulf_War_syndrome_flu_vaccines_MF59.html

Why is it recommended that we take flu vaccines that most likely will NOT work?  https://personalliberty.com/vaccine-promoting-scientists-admit-more-flu-shots-make-you-more-susceptible-to-flu-yet-still-encourage-you-to-get-more/

The pharmaceutical industry has previously been caught poisoning people with their products, and then providing the drugs that only treat the symptoms of the newly developed disease.  It’s important to remember that the company legally owes their shareholders proftis on their stock, they are not legally obligated to improve YOUR health.  Who is Eli Lilly?