Is Mercury Still In Vaccines?

"Didn't they take mercury out of the vaccines?"

Mercury is still in vaccines. It is almost all of the injected flu shots, especially the multidose vials. It is in the tetanus booster. The WHO has interesting language to hide the fact that mercury is still in many products, not just vaccines.

  • Removed:  Thimerosal was used during the production and then removed later. Residual traces of thimerosal remain. Not thimerosal-free.
  • Reduced: Thimerosal is used at some stage and removed post-production. Reduction results in a residual level of mercury in the product. Not thimerosal-free. 
  • Replaced:  Thimerosal was not used during production and another preservative is included instead which remains in the final product. {such as 2-phenoxyethanol}. Produce IS thimerosal-free...but the mercury has been replaced by another toxic preservative.
  • Reduced and replaced: Indicates that the amount of thimerosal used during production was reduced and another preservative was added. There are traces of both the thimerosal AND the other preservative are in the final product. Not thimerosal-free.
  • Eliminated: Thimerosal was not used at any stage of production. Product is thimerosal - free.
Let the consumer/patient beware.