Tinnitus and Mercury Poisoning

I had tinnitus my entire life.  I believe I was mercury poisoned prenatally. 


Excerpt from a great article by Barry Keate

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Of particular interest to people with hearing loss and tinnitus, researchers have linked mercury to hearing loss and multiple sclerosis. We know that hearing loss has a direct impact on tinnitus. This study involved seven women who had been diagnosed with MS. They underwent a standard hearing test then all their amalgam fillings were removed. Six to eight months later they retook the hearing test. Six of the seven had significant hearing improvement in the right ear and five of the seven had improvement in the left ear. Hearing improved an average of 8 dB. The researchers concluded that amalgam fillings may be a significant factor in hearing loss experienced by MS patients and could be a factor in hearing loss for others as well.

Here are excerpts from other blogs and comments.

I can confirm from personal experience that heavy metal poisioning can create the conditions necessary for some to contract Tinnitus.

I have medical and Dental records that confirm the day I got my first Mercury fillings as a teenager was the day I got my Tinnitus. Teenagers seem to be much more sensitive to Mercury then adults it seems.