Jameela Jamil - Mercury Poisoned!

The UK Daily Mail won't directly admit that Jameela Jamil was poisoned by MERCURY, they instead run the headline:

Can mercury fillings really poison you or is it just a scare story? Jameela Jamil is convinced they triggered her health issues
A quote from the article:
" ... a review by the EU Commission's Scientific Committee in 2008 concluded there was no risk from amalgam, says Professor Damien Walmsley, the British Dental Association's scientific adviser."

So they are implying mercury in people's mouths is inert.  That's a pretty broad statement.  What if the mercury amalgam comes loose, what then?  What if they eat really acidic foods, or constantly drink hot beverages that heats the mercury creating mercury vapors.  Why don't they just chew on aluminum foil with mercury amalgam in their mouths if there is "no risk". 

Watch the mercury eat away this aluminum I-beam.

The original article is here: