Addiction, Chelation and Vaccination

I believe that my emotional volatility and anger addiction may be rooted in the volatility of my accumulated mercury.  Mercury is so prevalent in our society that mercury toxicity should be investigated first and foremost for people that suffer from any kind of addiction. 

I find that many people have a visceral reaction to the word chelate.  They understand the definition, but have predefined prejudices towards it, which has come from negative marketing by the allopathic-healthcare industry.  If the industry can turn your performing a simple practice that takes place outside of their profit-making infrastructure into something evil, they will do it.  The industry has successfully associated the word chelation intravenous quack medicine.  People want to believe the healthcare industry, but In the words of Mark Twain, it is much easier to get people to believe a lie than it is to get them to 'unbelieve' it. 

Let's look at the word vaccination.  The word is so ingrained into our culture, that people believe in their heart of hearts that vaccinations are a good thing.  Vaccinations are just another mercury-based fraud, albeit a much more sophisticated one than the 1950's mercury-teething-powder scam which killed so many innocent children.  Upon application the mercury would calm the child, but when the mercury entered the baby's brain and nervous system hours after ingestion, the child would have what the industry itself calls an 'encephalitic scream.'  What was the healthcare industry's solution for the screaming child?  Unbelievably, they recommended feeding the child more teething powder.

This scheme cannot be relegated to the 'we didn't know it was dangerous department.'  Here is a quote from a Gilber Tyseens play written in the year 1727, almost 300 years ago, “They are very good, ensuring that the sick never have to fear disease again.  Because he(the doctor) will cure them fast with a lethal quicksilver; And the deceased cannot tell what was the cause of their death; And in this way Mercury cures all illnesses.”

The pharmaceutical industry has routinely poisoned people through the ages with mercury, and then only provides the drugs that treat the symptoms of the poisoning.  See

Vaccinations are a much more profitable and sophisticated scam with complicated chemical compounding, governmental support, paid for peer reviewed ‘scientific’ data, and multilevel marketing.

Their ruse is as follows.  The public needs ‘immunostimulants to prepare them for a coming virus'.  However, the only people getting sick are the ones who have taken the vaccine.  For example, let's consider the fact that Brazil's vaccination rate has skyrocketed in recent years to almost 100%.  However, there is also a surging incidence of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and the Zika virus amongst their population.  Guillain-Barré Syndrome has previously been associated with vaccinations.

Today, after a vaccine children often have an extremely high fever, end up screaming, and sometimes have permanent damage.  This is the same encephalitic scream as the children had who ingested mercury laced teething powder.

Did you know that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for damages?  Vaccine manufacturers are the only industry protected by law from any liability for their actions.

If a person believes a vaccine has injured him/her, they have to process their claim through the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensatiod Program.)  Why would a legitimate industry need insulation from lawsuits?

Since you cannot sue the manufacturer, there is no discovery of what the manufacturer is doing behind the scenes!  Even if the factory left them sitting in the sun, put 10 times the recommended dose in a vaccine, stripped off the labels of expired vaccines and put new ones on, or let mold or other unsanitary conditions taint their vaccines in their manufacturing plant, THEY CANNOT BE SUED!

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People have asked me why do I perform Mercury 101 in a sometimes funny and scary way.  I tell them that because of the seriousness of the subject, I can’t do it without finding some levity in it, but don’t worry, it’s very educational.

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Mercury Poisoning From Interior Latex Paint

Editorial Note: Phenylmercuric acetate is routinely added by some paint manufacturers to interior latex (water-based) paint as a fungicide and bactericide to prolong the paint's shelf-life. EPA permits interior latex paint to contain less than or equal to 300 ppm elemental mercury and exterior latex paint to contain less than or equal to 2000 ppm. However, neither the presence nor the concentration of mercury in the paint is required to be labeled on the paint can. Mercury may not lawfully be used in oil-based paint (1,2). 

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Eric's Journal of Mercury Chelation

For those of us who have chelated without keeping a great journal, Eric's notes of his experiences are encouraging.  My experiences chelating are almost identical.

Eric's timeline of chelation:

Lessons learned: