More on Pharmakons

The vaccine propaganda is coming from the pharmaceutical industry, not from the 'antivaxxers'. The ancient greeks named medical poisoners pharmakons, This is where the word pharmaceutical is derived.  They give a "medicine", the medicine becomes a poison, and then the person is scapegoated when they can no longer function.

Into the 1950's the pharmaceutical industry poisoned so many children with mercury in teething powders that they gave a new name to the disease, acrodynia, or pink disease. The soothing powder initially calmed the child but when the mercury began causing swelling the child would break into an encephalytic scream. The pharma solution? Feed the child more teething powder.

The vaccine propaganda of the vaccine industry tells us we need vaccines as medicine. The medicine becomes a poison, and then when the person is maimed, the patient is blamed for their condition because of a genetic abnormality.