I had the pleasure of attending 4 Q&A’s of the movie VAXXED during their opening week in New York City.  At the first one, director Andrew Wakefield expressed concern about the future of our democracy.  By the 4th one, producers Polly Tommey, Del Bigtree, and Brian Hooker were expressing their concerns as well.  Here’s why.

Most reviews of this film are from corporate vested magazines and newspapers, ones that will not touch this subject; the separation of Capitalism and State.  They use hired hacks like Abby Haglage who is definitely less concerned about writing an honest REVIEW, than with whom or where she’s eating dinner tonight.  She actually calls the move “INSANE.”  Too sick to actually go to a movie to write a real REVIEW Joe Leyden should stick to his cute basketball tales, and in his REVIEW, 400 lb Jordan Hoffman gives Andy Wakefield health advice!  Really?

This movie is about climbing the ladder of success at the expense of the little person, someone we could step on, like a 7 lb baby.  Oops, did I get the “Science” wrong?  Should I have called “it” a 15 month old 25 lb toddler; maimed because of the cumulative actions of these lying reviewers?  If Eric Kohn wrote a fair REVIEW, he wouldn’t be invited back to the Cannes Film Festival, and Eric loves a good party.  Why risk it?  The baby isn’t talking anyway.  Hey Abby, how was your crème brulèe?

In VAXXED, we meet a woman, Sheila Ealey, who lives with her son and daughter, teenage fraternal twins.  Years ago Sheila took her 15 months old babies to the doctor for their on-time CDC scheduled MMR shots; the boy gets severe autism, and the girl doesn’t.  If you stop reading right now you might consider this proof that vaccines don’t cause autism, but when it comes to making an informed decision its important to know all the facts.  We do see the girl playing classical piano, and we are told she speaks 3 languages including fluent french.  The man-sized boy?  Well he mostly sits on the couch snickering, and playing a 3-5 year olds electronic game.  Keep reading if you care.

This movie is the cherry on top of the MMR vaccine fraud that is being served up by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control.)  The blame for this enormous travesty falls squarely on their heads.  If I have ever seen a documentary about people still alive, where I believe they should burn in hell for their actions, it’s this movie.  CDC whistleblower scientist Bill Thompson can spend some time in purgatory.

In public, I have asked people if they will see the movie.  I asked one man in his 60’s why he said no, and he replies, “Its bullshit.”  I lay into the guy, “You’re cursing at me and all I did was suggest you see a movie!?”  Later I wonder how this angry man could be so vested in his answer without ever having read the facts, listened to the scientists, heard the passionate pleas of families destroyed by this disaster, or watched people on film suffering from autism, some quite severe.

For 3 of the 4 Q&A’s, the producers ask audience members to stand up if someone in their family is vaccine injured.  About 1/3 of them stood up, every time.

I like telling stories.  Here’s one of my own based upon what I saw in the movie.  Dr. Top Notch paid for his kid’s college schooling, just like his father did for him, and now Dr Notch’s children have moved away.  He and his wife live alone, and their stock portfolio is heavily vested in pharmaceuticals.

In 1998, the infant son of Dr Notch’s neighbor grew gravely ill from an MMR vaccine, and never fully recovered.  At one time Dr Top Notch questioned vaccines, but the system gave him NO reason to worry.  In fact, the CDC reported they had proof that scientist Andrew Wakefield had purported a fraud.  Top Notch had a life to lead, and if he questioned what he was doing, it could open up a Pandora’s box.  Somewhere along the way the doctor chose to close it, and leave it closed forever. 

It’s hard to look in the mirror and see the roles we are playing in this.  We so want to get moving up that ladder of success, to somewhere, anywhere, but here.  No time for wars on foreign shores, yadda yadda yadda.  Too bad about the kid next door.

Back in the 80’s autism started showing up at the rate of 1 in 250 people, and today its about 1 in 45. 20 years from now, when 1 in 45 adults needs to be institutionalized, or locked away at home, this will be a 10 fold greater problem.

But the kid next door isn’t a far away war on a foreign shore.  He’s grown into a two hundred pound man-baby in diapers, one still living with the wounds of a 15 month old, one that was conscious at one time, and just about mortally wounded.  Well much of the brain is there, it just doesn’t work right, or the wiring is all messed up.  Go ahead and accuse me of ‘pseudoscience,’ and then I will ask you “What kind of science was at work in Sandy Hook, you know, Adam Lanza?”  This VAXXED movie is INSANE!

After work, Notch pours a drink and watches the Walking Dead.  He wonders if this series in some way is art-imitating life, or maybe its art predicting life.  Could this really happen, with the CDC as its centerpiece?  NOT!  He shelves the idea; it’s just fantasy stuff.  He channel surfs for a bit.  He doesn’t like network television, the free version.  99% of the commercials are drug ads.  Did I mention the word FREE?

Let’s go back to Sheila Ealey.  Her 15 months old daughter starts flipping out when she sees the nurse injecting her brother with his first 3 shots, and in the ensuing debacle, the nurse mistakenly gives her son the girl’s MMR shot.  This soon to be maimed itty bitty baby got a double shot of MMR!  The girl gets no vaccines.

On Saturdays, Toppy, that’s what Dr Notch’s wife affectionately calls him, tends to the roses in his beautiful garden.  On this particular morning, while leaning over to inspect one of his prizes, WHAM, Dr Notch gets clunked in the head by a rake.

Did one of the Walking Dead’s zombies hit him with the rake?  No.  It was the 200 lb man-baby from next door, who had literally just escaped from his house/prison.  Why did he whack the good doctor?  Because 5 years ago you the doctor had yelled at man-baby’s mom, man-baby’s cat was crapping in his bed of roses.

The healthcare system with the CDC as their card dealer keeps playing their trump card, “we don’t know what causes autism, it’s probably genetic,” and they keep shoving it into the faces of hundreds of thousands of eyewitnesses to these crimes.

$5,000,000 was just awarded by our federal government to Flint Michigan for a city of 100,000 people who have had their municipal water supply poisoned by lead.  The entire city is being poisoned by lead.

$1,800,000,000 was just awarded to pharmaceutical companies to study the Zika virus.  This is 360 times the amount of money given to Flint.  NORTH AMERICAN MOSQUITOES DO NOT CARRY THE ZIKA VIRUS.

Do you know anyone suffering from one of these illnesses, H1N1, H9N2, West Nile Virus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, SARS.?  Who benefits from the advertising of these diseases?

Our government completely insulates the makers of vaccines from any liability for their actions or products.  Since you can’t sue them, there is no discovery, and you will never have your day in court allowing you to confront the entity that harmed you.  Do you still want that FREE flu shot?

If everyone were to see this movie, it could possibly affect the value of your big-pharma-stock portfolio, but it probably won’t.  However, you should still see this film, because if it’s not already playing out in the house next door, or in your house, it will be soon.

To those who say that measles is the trend, I tell them straight to their face, “You have your facts wrong.  Measles is not the trend.  Autism is the trend.  Children now have a 1 in 45 chance of growing up autistic.  Do you know anyone with a measles damaged child?”

Measles Bear