Merucry, Vaccines, and Tylenol

Western medicine has a long history of poisoning people. As recently as the 1950’s the pharmaceutical industry was ordered to stop selling deadly mercury and calomel products. (Calomel is a mercury compound.) Today, the doses of mercury have been reduced, people aren’t normally falling over dead from one injection, but the level of health care problems requiring prescription drugs has skyrocketed. The same companies doling out vaccines are the ones benefiting from their newly 'named' diseases. These aren't new diseases, they are simply new names for cases of toxic poisonings.

We know the human body needs glutathione to eliminate heavy metals and toxins.  A recent report notes that Tylenol blocks the body from producing glutathione.  Take a Tylenol if you are not feeling well, especially after a vaccine, and it may create a toxic soup that cannot be eliminated, permanently altering neural growth in a developing fetus.

Read the full report by William Shaw

NO one should be administered a vaccination unless they have been tested by a
healthcare practitioner for heavy metals, primarily mercury toxicity.  Who Is Eli Lilly?

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