Healthcare SCN1A Travesty

For more than 200 years, the standard healthcare industry has been providing mercury or mercury like compounds as an immune stimulant to kill off'bad things.'  For the resulting symptoms of the ailing patient, the patient is told at least one of the following: 

1.     The person needs additional poison to aggressively attack the developing symptoms of the very aggressive disease.
2.     New or increasing symptoms are caused by the release of poisons from the dying bacteria/virus.
3.     The patient needs a prescribed painkiller like opiate for the pain caused by the developing disease and symptoms.
4.     The doctor isn’t sure why the person is sick, but the patient can take a drug for life to treat their symptoms, and never mentions neurotoxic poisoning.
5.     Get help from a psychiatrist who will provide needed psychotropic drugs.
6.     There is nothing that can be done about your disease, deal with it
7.     The treatment didn’t work, deal with it.

Here is a final court statement in regards to a now incapacitated child who has to wear a helmet for the rest of his life.

"The undersigned finds that there is not a preponderance of the evidence showing that _______’s injuries were caused or significantly aggravated by his February 19, 2005 vaccinations.  Although ________’s vaccinations may have caused a low grade fever or otherwise triggered his first seizure on February 20, 2005, neither that initial seizure nor his vaccinations caused or significantly aggravated his Dravet syndrome and resulting neurological complications.  Rather, his SCN1A genetic mutation is the sole cause of his injuries."