Vaccine Safety

“To generate vaccine-mediated protection is a complex challenge. Currently available vaccines have largely been developed empirically, with little or no understanding on how they activate the immune system. Their early protective efficacy is primarily conferred by the induction of antigen-specific anti-bodies.”    This is a quote from a World Health Organization 20 page report on vaccines:

Empirical evidence is concerned with observation or experience, rather than theory or pure logic. This means that what many people are calling science is actually statistics.  Scientists count the results and make a determination, a judgment, as to whether a vaccine is effective.

We do understand an injection with a ‘dead’ piece of virus and an adjuvant like mercury or aluminum creates an autoimmune response. An organism won't have a reaction without the neurotoxin involved because the virus is dead. However, not every human reacts the same way to a neurotoxin being injected into his or her veins.

Human activity has distributed many toxins throughout the world and our local environments. I believe that we should take into account genetics, current health status, and an individual’s current toxic load before adding more toxins into a human body.  

There is a long history of mercury poisoning in modern medicine. As recently as the 1950’s the pharmaceutical industry was ordered to stop poisoning so many people with mercury and calomel.  (Calomel is a mercury compound)  See

Let’s work together to make sure everyone is safe to receive a vaccine before the vaccine is administered.