Mercury 101 Workshop

Do you get achey from the weather? You may be mercury toxic. 

Here is a quote from Richard Swiderski's "Calomel In America." In 1851 Dr Wooster Beach describes the swollen tongue, the lesions in the mouth of the habitual calomel consumer, so imbued with mercury that he had become a 'living barometer' responsive to all changes in the weather, 'great pain making the only difference.'

We are learning about mercury toxicity, and making game plans on how to change the future of medicine the world over.

Mercury 101 explains in easy to understand details drawn from historical facts, the uses and abuses of mercury, and how they continue to this day.

Did you know that mercury as a healthcare treatment spread just as fast as newborn diseases, during the middle ages? You will see that the roots of the modern day healthcare industry, and related U.S. government policies, are still dictated by mercury interests. Learn how mercury distribution, and redistribution in the human body is one of the most pressing medical issues of our day.

After you experience Mercury 101, you will agree that healthcare institutions and doctors alike must test the mercury toxicity of every patient. There is NO safe level of mercury in a healthy organism, even though official health organizations and those affiliated with them tell us otherwise.