Thyroid Disease and Mercury Poisoning

I have cut and pasted quotes from a number of sources so that persons interested in the causes of thyroid disease can see compelling arguments for the relationship between mercury and the thyroid.

 I have a theory as to why so many people in this country have malfunctioning thyroid glands. The prevalence of mercury amalgam fillings in the mouths of Americans is staggering. I would estimate between 60% to 80% of our population have them. They are usually put into our teeth between the ages of 10 and 20. By the time someone with mercury amalgam fillings reaches 40, the average age of a filling is 25 years old. At this point degradation accelerates and the fillings are in an advanced state of decomposition via both wear and tear and electrolysis. I believe this degradation subtly begins immediately after these fillings are placed in the teeth. According to Dr. David Kennedy, D.D.S. an average mercury amalgam filling releases approximately 10 micrograms of mercury daily into the body.

Quoted from Rick Wagner's article
Mercury and Thyroid Disease

Mercury has been found to be an endocrine system disrupting chemical in animals and people, disrupting function of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, pineal gland, enzyme production processes, and affecting many hormonal and enzymatic functions at very low levels of exposure .

Quoted from B. Windham's paper
Mercury-Caused Endocrine Conditions Causing Widespread Adverse Health Effects 

Conclusive, concrete and irrefutable evidence is hard to assemble because mercury poisoning can be a really slow process, years or even decades in the making. That’s why making a diagnosis of mercury poisoning due to dental work, is extremely laborious. Cross-over symptoms, such as those of autoimmune diseases, make mercury poisoning even more arduous to detect. Simply put, mercury poisoning has the same symptoms as many other diseases, including, but not limited to hypothyroidism.

Quoted from Rich Travis's article  
Mercury Fillings Causing Your Hypothyroidism?